Barrett Romance Guide

barrett relaxing while kidnapped

barrett relaxing while kidnapped

Barrett may be the unconventional choice next to Sarah Morgan and Sam Coe, but this determined hunk of a man can be yours to love and cherish by following our romance guide. So, let's go through the steps to romance Barret in Starfield.

Romancing Barrett requires you to have him as a companion and raise his affinity level while learning all about his past. Once you have his affinity at a high enough point, you can complete his quests for romance and marriage. So let's go over the steps, his likes and dislikes and how to complete the Barrett romance quest in Starfield.

How to Romance Barrett

Get Barrett as a Companion

While you meet Barrett at the start of the game, it takes longer for him to join you officially. Wait for the main storyline Constellation quest, "Back to Vectera", where one objective given is to link up with Barrett. Once you've done this, he'll be available as a companion.

starfield barrett skills
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Here's a list of Barrett's skills.

Once he becomes available, set him as your primary companion.

Raise Your Affinity with Barrett

Next up, focus on building your affinity with Barrett. This means you have to perform the actions that Barret likes while avoiding everything he dislikes. It is crucial since you need a high affinity for Barrett to proceed with this romantic pursuit and make him your partner.

Following are the actions that Barret likes:

  • Jokes and banter
  • Acts of kindness
  • Money for investigation

Here are some actions that Barret will disprove:

  • Criminal acts
  • Killing people
  • Arrogance
  • Asking about Ervin early on
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Once Barrett’s affinity starts increasing, you will receive the [FLIRT] dialogue prompts. Keep choosing such options when they are available to learn more about Barrett’s background and proceed with the romance.

Complete the "Breach of Contract" Quest

After his affinity is high enough, Barrett will trigger the Breach of Contract quest, which has you investigate the mysterious circumstances around his former partner Ervin's death. Head to Gagarin and begin your investigation. Speak to a few NPCs, collect evidence from Ervin's apartment, and make your way to a Hephaestus mining computer.

You will find evidence that th Hephaestus mining polluted the environment and framed it on Ervin. Find an NPC named Helgi and perform a persuasion check to convince him to serve as a witness for the trial.

This will finish the quest, and you'll get the option to romance Barrett.

How to Marry Barrett

Once you've started your romance, you must keep spending time with Barrett and choosing romantic options wherever possible. Barrett warms up to you and talks about how he now wishes to spend time with you rather than just missing Ervin. Eventually, you will get the option to commit with Barret and receive the quest Commitment: Barrett.

Talk to VASCO to officiate the wedding, and he will ask if you want to host it right there or back at the lodge. Pick whatever option suits you the best, and then watch the wedding ceremony.

That's everything you need to know about romancing Barrett in Starfield. While here, check our guides on other NPC romances and deepen your bonds with your companions. Remember that you'll lose all relationship progress when entering new game plus.

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