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the lodge starfield constellation
Credit: Bethesda

the lodge starfield constellation
Credit: Bethesda

Starfield has several factions that you can join and potentially fight against. Choosing which faction to join can be tricky, so we have made these guides for you. Joining one or more factions is possible, but try not to ruffle too many feathers when working on behalf of just one.

Constellation is the first of many factions you will encounter in Starfield; the main quest revolves around this group and their interest in the secrets of the galaxy. They appear to be an all-but-dead secret society thanks to their dwindled membership. Those that remain are trying to reveal the mysteries still left in the cosmos.

Who Are Constellation in Starfield?

You will meet Constellation quite early in Starfield during the main quest line. The faction needs your help in uncovering the mystery surrounding ancient alien artifacts. This will take you on a journey far and wide across the galaxy.

The constellation logo is shown
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Credit: Bethesda
Constellation's Logo

Your character will react to one of these alien artifacts while mining. This will attract the attention of Constellation, who are investigating the unknown objects. Your character experiences hallucinations/ messages after coming into contact with a piece of the artifact; finding out what this means will form part of the main quest.

Notable Members

There are members of Constellation, both past and present, to meet during your adventure. Some older members have sadly passed away, while current members strive to achieve the goals set by the organization during its founding.

Sarah Morgan

Sarah Morgan joined Constellation in 2325 and was under the tutelage of the former leader of the group, Aja Mamasa, who was a protege of Constellation founder Sebastian Banks.

sarah morgan
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Sarah Morgan Skill Stats


Goal-driven and determined, the well-spoken leader of Constellation is a good choice for a companion and a potential romance option. Sarah knows what she wants and comes across as stern, but get to know her, and she will open up, cracking jokes and showing a more caring side.

Sarah is likely to be one of your companions put at risk during the main quest - 'High Price To Pay'. When choosing to protect the eye or the lodge, there are ways to prevent harm from coming her way, so be mindful of your actions at that time if you wish to keep Sarah safe.


Joining Constellation in 2305, Barrett is a core faction member; he deals with shady groups to retrieve artifact pieces. Barrett is driven yet approachable and suffered a great loss before your meeting on Vectera.

Barrett hands you a watch
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Barrett Skill Stats

Starship Engineering
Particle Beam Weapon Systems

Barrett is the first member of Constellation you will meet after finding the artifact piece on Vectera. He will gift you the Chronomark Watch, his ship, and assign Vasco to your side.

He is also one of the potential romance options within Constellation and can be placed in danger during the 'High Price To Pay' mission. Barrett is a great companion for assistance during firefights and assigning to your ship.

Sam Coe

Constellation bolstered their ranks in 2327 when the Freestar Collective member Sam Coe rolled through their doors with his daughter Cora Coe. Having a solid sense of frontier justice, Sam believes that if helping someone means breaking the rules, so be it. An ex-Freestar Ranger, Sam Coe still has ties deep within their ranks.

sam coe
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Sam Coe Skill Stats

Rifle Certification

Sam is a laid-back space cowboy who you shouldn't take lightly. His only two loves in the galaxy, Cora (his daughter) and exploration are things he will defend with his life.

He does not get on with Cora's mother; she doesn't believe he should bring his daughter on dangerous missions into the unknown. Another potential romantic relationship will blossom should you make decisions favorable to the Akila native; just be careful when picking between the Eye or the Lodge.


The most mysterious of the four romanceable companions, Andreja, joined Constellation in 2328. She is the newest recruit in the space explorers ranks, with little knowledge of where she was.

andreja starfield
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Andreja Skill Stats

Particle Beams
Energy Weapons Systems

Andreja has her walls up high when you first meet her; it will take correct dialogue choices and having her with you on missions as a companion to start bringing them down.

A fan favorite for a romance option, Andreja will eventually bring you gifts with high enough affinity as well as reveal some more of her past, such as her ties to House Va'ruun.

Cora Coe

The feisty daughter of Sam Coe. Cora loves nothing more than her dad and being a part of the last real space explorers. Her ambition in time may one day exceed even the founding member's aspirations.

A lover of books and the great unknown, Cora will take every chance to tinker with parts of the ship. She has been traveling the galaxy with her father since her parents broke up; her mother does not think highly of the adventures Sam allows her to tag along for.

Cora is a crucial component to getting along with Sam Coe, romantic or friendly; keeping Cora Coe happy and mentioning her positively during conversations with Sam will increase his liking of you.

Vladimir Sall

An ex-Crimson Fleet pirate, Vladimir joined Constellation in 2322; Vlad can usually be found running Constellation's space station - The Eye. He will provide information and tips about the location of undiscovered artifacts.

vladimir sall
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Vlad is not available for taking on missions or your ship and can not be romanced. He tends a bar and speaks about the old days when he was involved in piracy as the story unfolds. You will also check on one of his properties during a side mission provided by the ex-pirate turned explorer.


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Noel is the protege of Sarah Morgan and joined Constellation after being invited. A gifted scientist, Noel prefers to help the team from her lab rather than from the far reaches of the cosmos.

noel starfield
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Noel is not romanceable or available to recruit as a crew member for your ship.

Matteo Khatri

Matteo is the resident theologian of the group and has had an avid interest in the mysteries of the galaxy since he was a child. His parents scolded Matteo for not being 'normal' like other children but never let this dull his sense of wonder for exploration.

matteo starfield
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He has some ties to Sanctum Universum and wears similar religious headgear to other Sanctum members. His family are known by Keeper Aquilis, suggesting the religiousness stems from his upbringing.

Walter Stroud

Walter Stroud is the self-proclaimed 'bank' of Constellation. He funds all their operations and is a co-owner of one of the Settled Systems’ most successful starship manufacturers - Stroud-Ecklund.

walter stroud starfield
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His interests seem mainly focused on money, although conversations reveal he has a sense of wonder about what is out there. Walter cannot be romanced or taken onboard your ship as a crewmate.


Vasco is the first companion you will receive in the game. Assigned to take you to New Atlantis to meet Constellation in the game's opening mission, Vasco is a handy partner to have by your side.

Vasco robot starfield
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He is a Model A robot designed by Lunar Robotics and is extremely useful in a firefight. Vasco is not romanceable and will give you very blunt opinions on situations when asked.

Constellation Questline

Constellations questline is the game's main story path; we have listed each mission and reward in the handy table below.

One Small Step
400 XP 8000 credits Lodge Key Constellation Pack.
The Old Neighborhood
400 XP 8000 credits Constellation spacesuit Constellation helmet
Back To Vectera
6000 credits
The Empty Nest
7200 credits Modified calibrated rattler
Into The Unknown
9500 credits Map updated
All That Money Can Buy
400 XP
5000 XP Calibrated Constellation Helmet
Further Into The Unknown
750 XP 7200 credits
Short Sighted
700 XP Semi-metallic wafer Tau Grade Rheostat Microsecond regulator
No Sudden Moves
750 XP
High Price To Pay
800 XP 11800 credits Calibrated Constellation Pack
Mission Beyond Measure
750 XP
800 XP
In Their Footsteps
750 XP Lunar Base Key
4500 XP 11400 credits
Final Glimpses
800 XP
800 XP 10200 credits
5000 XP
One Giant Leap
(First Completion) Starborn Spacesuit Astra Starborn Guardian New Game +

Constellation Mission Board

Constellation's mission board can be found in the basement of The Lodge on New Atlantis. Head to the room with all the machines and crafting tables; the mission board is on the right just before you enter the next corridor.

Where Is Constellation’s Base?

Constellation has based itself in New Atlantis, the biggest city in the galaxy and the biggest city Bethesda has ever made for a game. Their headquarters - The Lodge, is located in the capital city and is also home to the United Colonies HQ.

An explorer walks towards Constellation HQ entrance
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Credit: Bethesda
The front door to Constellation HQ

The inside of their base looks like the place where a secret society would meet, not a once well-respected exploration guild. This is thanks to the fact that interest in exploring the galaxy is all but dead during the time the game takes place.

Constellation’s Past

By the year 2330 in Starfield, exploration and wonderment of the known galaxy had dried up. Once a proud and respected space exploration organisation, Constellation now resembles a sad memory of its former days. Many members of the general public do not know that they even still exist.

First person view of Constellation hq inside
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Credit: Bethesda
The League of Extraordinary Explorers

They refer to themselves as 'the last group of space explorers in the galaxy. Constellation comprises members from varied backgrounds that slot somewhere between law and order of the United Colonies and the freethinkers from the Freestar Collective.

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