Crimson Fleet Guide

starfield crimson fleet
Credit: Bethesda

starfield crimson fleet
Credit: Bethesda

Whether you are interested in a life of space piracy and terrorism or you've been sent as a mole by SysDef, you will want to know about the Crimson Fleet. This guide will look at the Crimson Fleet, a faction of space pirates.

In Starfield, many factions want to increase their influence in the Settled Systems. Constellation is the first faction you will join as part of the story. However, as you play more of the game, you'll run into the Crimson Fleet faction, a band of space pirates.

There are even options to join the Crimson Fleet on behalf of the United Colonies. This option will see you sign up and act as a spy for the UC, feeding back information as requested. It could be a dangerous game playing the Crimson Fleet like this, so be sure to use caution if you choose this path.

Who Are the Crimson Fleet?

The Crimson Fleet is a popular faction to join due to their pirate-based nature, which will appeal to many players who want to play as a scoundrel-type adventurer.

A crimson fleet member leans over a railing
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Credit: Bethesda
A relaxed looking pirate in The Key

You will get to join the pirate crew as an undercover agent, spying on their nefarious deeds and reporting them back to a superior. As a loose collective of pirate captains, playing them off against each other as you rise in the ranks could also be possible.

These pirates have made enemies across the galaxy, so be wary when siding with them. Make the wrong faction get wind of your criminal exploits, and it could damage your standing with them.

Where Is the Crimson Fleet Based?

The Crimson Fleet has a huge space station as a primary base. This giant structure resides in the Kyrx System and is known as 'The Key'. Their base has a very punk-like feel, with graffiti covering the walls and crimson flag logos placed throughout.

A massive space station
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Credit: Bethesda
The Key is a former United Colonies base

The station used to belong to the United Colonies, as we see plenty of their logos and propaganda posters within. The fact some of these remain suggests that this base was captured by the Crimson Fleet recently. There are bars to drink and socialise at, as well as a fully equipped gym, all inside this massive space station.

How to Join the Crimson Fleet

There are two methods that you can use to join the Crimson Fleet. Feel free to use either of them, as it makes little difference.

  • Get arrested in UC Territory.
  • Join the UC Vanguard and talk to Commander John Tuala about the undercover mission.

Any petty crime will be enough to land you in prison, where Commander Ikande will scout you as the perfect candidate for the undercover mission. The second method also involves talking to Commander Ikande. However, this time, you join the UC Vanguard first and get sent legally through John Tuala.

You can also reject Commander Ikande's offer, resulting in a Crimson Fleet member randomly approaching you and saying that some people want to meet you. The quest has you join the Crimson Fleet, but you can still report their activities to UC SysDef, so it continues like normal, no matter your choice.

Consequences of Joining the Crimson Fleet

Once you're part of the Crimson Fleet, you gain access to all of their vendors. This is great because you can sell contraband to them without worrying about being scanned and arrested. Furthermore, these vendors also give you access to special stock like shielded cargo, jammers and Crimson Fleet exclusive ships.

starfield crimson fleet mission board
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You can also access the Crimson Fleet mission board that lets you tackle their exclusive quests.

On the other hand, you are no longer allowed to shoot down Crimson Fleet starships freely. Doing so will put a bounty on your head from the Crimson Fleet. This is a hassle, as many side quests involve killing Crimson Fleet members.

Additionally, siding too much with the fleet will be disliked by your companions, and this can be an issue if you're trying to romance Sarah, Andreja, Sam or Barrett. So, keep this in consideration when you walk the plank of piracy.

Crimson Fleet Questline

Here is a list of all the Crimson Fleet Quests and their associated rewards. We suggest you do this questline after you're done with other major questlines, as joining the Crimson Fleet causes their members to become friendly and can cause bugs in certain quests.

Quest Name
Quest Description
Quest Reward
Deep Cover
Meet the UC SysDef to learn about the Crimson Fleet. Get Adler Kemp his debt money so he puts you in contact with the Crimson Fleet.
EXP: 250 | Credits: 4800 Crimson Fleet Membership
Rook Meets King
Prove your loyalty by dealing with Austin Rake and meet Delgado at the Crimson Fleet base.
EXP: 250 | Credits: 5000 Pirate Swashbuckler Gear
Echoes of the Past
Explore the Lock and find clues regarding what happened to Kryx with Delgado.
EXP: 350 | Credits: 20000 Keelhauler UC Prison Shuttle
Breaking the Bank
Deal with Larry Dumbrosky to gain access to a Galbank Vault and find the location of Kryx's Treasure.
EXP: 350
The Best There Is
Get your hands on a prototype ship with the assistance of Huan Daiyu.
EXP: 250 | Credits: 9600
Absolute Power
Infiltrate Generdyne and upload a virus.
EXP: 350 | Credits: 12400 d
Eye of the Storm
Enter Kryx's resting place and retrieve his treasure and final message. Choose to give Kryx's legacy to Delgado or Kibwe.
EXP: 350 | Credits: 8400 Revenant
Legacy's End
Take down either the UC Vigilance or the Key depending on your choice in the previous mission.
EXP: 350 | Credits: 250000

The Crimson Fleet questline involves going undercover into this pirate group on behalf of the United Colonies Systems Defense group headed by Commander Ikande. You can choose between siding with the Crimson Fleet or UC SysDef, and the quest ultimately culminates in one of Starfield's most spectacular space battles.

Should You Side With Crimson Fleet or UC SysDef?

One of the most important decisions in Starfield, this decision will permanently alter your relationship with both of these factions.

In the Eye of the Storm mission, you can bring Kryx's Legacy to Delgado or Commander Ikande.

Bringing it to Commander Ikande and siding with SysDef will allow you to remain friendly with them. Your companions will approve of this decision, and you'll keep access to the UC Vigilance. UC SysDef will also assist you in fighting the Crimson Fleet later in the quest line.

Siding with the Crimson Fleet and bringing Kryx's Legacy to Delgado will result in the UC SysDef attacking you and the Crimson Fleet. However, this decision results in the Crimson Fleet becoming friendly with you, and you get to keep access to the Key and all the vendors inside. You'll also keep collecting a bounty for attacking Crimson Fleet members. This decision can be more enticing due to the Key's unique vendors selling Crimson Fleet ships and Contraband smuggling parts.

Regardless of your choice, you'll receive a whopping 250,000 Credits as a reward.

Crimson Fleet History

The Crimson Fleet is not a single entity but a confederacy of individual pirate captains who have all agreed to unite under the same Jolly Roger. The Crimson Fleet was once considered a minor problem local to the Freestar Collective. Things have changed, though. In 2330, the pirate collective extended their reach outside the Kryx system to Cheyenne, Lunara, Narion, and Sagan. Due to this expansion, the United Colonies has now recognised the Crimson Fleet as an official threat to the galaxy.

Graffiti makes the poster read what future
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Credit: Bethesda
Something says they aren't on best terms with the United Colonies

In 2241, a pirate named Jasper Kryx staged a riot and mass prison break from the maximum security United Colonies prison on the surface of Suvorov, known only as The Lock. Jasper Kryx is hailed as the legendary founder of the Crimson Fleet, and many search for his secret treasure to this day.

So, with all that in mind, make sure you pick the right side when signing up for this faction. It may gain the anger of the United Colonies themselves. Additionally, it is said that once you join, no one ever leaves the Crimson Fleet. The only exit is death, so consider this before saluting their Jolly Roger flag. You may end up walking the plank to get out!

Notable Members of the Crimson Fleet

Here are all the notable figures you'll meet in the Crimson Fleet.


First up, we have the leader of Crimson Fleet himself, Delgado. Located inside the ship, The Key, found within the Kryx system, Delgado is obsessed with Kryx’s Legacy, a magical and mysterious ship that manifests secrets of the cosmos. As the leader of the biggest pirate group in Settled Systems, his infatuation with this mystical treasure is a fitting motivation for his character.

starfield crimson fleet leader delgado
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You first meet Delgado in the Crimson Fleet HQ, The Key, after completing the Rook Meets King quest given to you by Naeva. She lets you onboard the ship, and you can talk to the pirate leader. After that, you can make different choices dictating Delgado’s fate during some Crimson Fleet faction quests, like Echoes of the Past and Eye of the Storm.

Naeva Mora

Naeva Mora is one of the first persons you talk to when approaching The Key. She is second-in-command within the Crimson Fleet faction, right after Delgado. She has impressive leadership skills and knows how to keep these unruly pirates in line.

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starfield crimson fleet naeva mora
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Naeva is one of the most important characters in this faction, as she’s your gateway to joining the Crimson Fleet. When you talk to her during the Deep Cover quest, you can side with Crimson Fleet as a proper member or double agent. Afterwards, she gives you a task to take down Austin Rake during the Rook Meets King quest. Regardless of how you deal with Austin Rake, Naeva will let you join the rest of the crew on The Key after this quest.


Brogan is the first named Crimson Fleet pirate you meet and one of the first NPCs you encounter in Starfield. He leads a Crimson Fleet group chasing Barrett during the game's first mission, One Small Step.

starfield crimson fleet brogan
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Upon interacting with him during the mission, you will learn he’s after Barrett’s ship, The Frontier. You can attempt to persuade him to let it go or kill him, which rewards you with a Boost Pack.

Adler Kemp

Adler Kemp is a washed-up member of the Crimson Fleet who doesn’t directly admit to being a pirate. He has a pretty grumpy and sarcastic personality, which explains why he’s not liked by most. Despite his ill manners, he is a vital resource for moving contraband for the faction.

starfield crimson fleet adler kemp
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You can find Adler inside the Broken Spear bar of Cydonia on planet Mars, within the Sol System. He is the first Crimson Fleet NPC you talk to when you’re looking to get to The Key during the Deep Cover quest.

Jasmine Durand

Jasmine Durand is a remarkable and reliable head engineer of the pirate crew Crimson Fleet. Nicknamed Jazz by her crew members, she is not only an expert technician in shipbuilding and maintenance, but her sweet personality allures many. It makes you wonder how she ended up with that crew!

starfield jasmine durand crimson fleet
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Found on The Key, she is involved in several Crimson Fleet faction quests. She’s a key part of the Eye of the Storm faction quest, where she helps you install the ComSpike and Conduction Grid modules on your ship during the mission.

Jasper Kryx

Jasper Kryx is a legendary figure in the universe of Starfield as a pioneer of Kryx’s Legacy. He led the prison riot at The Lock and founded the Crimson Fleet. The Kryx system was named after him. The main purpose of Crimson Fleet during the game is to find Kryx’s Legacy and Jasper’s hidden treasure.

starfield jasper kryx corpse
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While he is deceased during Starfield’s events, you can find his corpse in the game during the Eye of the Storm mission. You need to board the Galbank transport, Legacy, during the mission, and there, you will find some of Jasper’s recordings talking about Kryx’s Legacy ship and his corpse.

Shinya Voss

Shinya Voss is the Reckoner of the Crimson Fleet crew, overseeing all the bank transactions for the group. With his technical skills, he is almost like a cyber runner, ensuring Crimson Fleet's credits are aligned.

starfield shinya voss crimson fleet
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Shinya Voss is found on Crimson Fleet’s ship, The Key, and is involved in Legacy’s End, the final Crimson Fleet faction quest. You will find him inside the Reckoner’s Core during the quest with a ticking bomb tied to his chest. You can deal with him in several ways, including killing him, leaving him to die, or deactivating the bomb.

Zuri Abara

Found on Crimson Fleet’s ship, The Key, Zuri Abara is a vendor that runs her shop, Zuri’s Essentials. She has many rare items and mainly deals in contraband and stolen goods. You can buy different weapons, ammo, spacesuits, apparel, and many other items from her. Zuri will give you an irrefutable offer if you have any illegal wares to trade.

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