Sam Coe Romance Guide

starfield sam coe romance guide with companion skills displayed
Credit: Bethesda

starfield sam coe romance guide with companion skills displayed
Credit: Bethesda

Sam Coe is a cool and kind ranger who is one of the main NPCs you meet in Constellation. His family has a rich history in the Settled Systems and Akila City, which is reflected in his personality. You can have this space cowboy as your trusty companion, but you can also start a romance with Sam Coe in Starfield.

Being able to romance Sam Coe requires specific actions your character must display and completing a handful of missions. If you’re wondering how to go about this relationship, our Sam Coe romance guide is all you need.

How to Romance Sam Coe

If you’re willing to romance the handsome and charming ex-Freestar Ranger, Sam Coe, you must follow the steps below.

Get Sam Coe as a Companion

starfield sam coe companion
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The first step to romancing Sam is to get him as a companion. This can be done after you finish the mission “The Empty Nest”, one of the early main storyline quests you get. Once the quest is complete, you can set Sam as your main companion and proceed with the other romance requirements.

Raise Your Affinity with Sam Coe

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Next up, focus on building your affinity with Sam Coe. This means you have to perform the actions that Sam likes while avoiding everything he dislikes. It is a crucial step since you need a high affinity for Sam to proceed with this romantic pursuit and make him your true partner.

Following are the actions that Sam likes:

  • Having an excellent bond with Cora Coe
  • Being kind and respectful toward others
  • Being loyal
  • Going against the UC and supporting the Freestar Collective

Ensure you’re always kind towards Cora Coe, Sam’s daughter, and don’t ask for payments from NPCs during quests. These actions can easily win over Sam’s heart. Similarly, the steps that can lower Sam’s affinity are given below:

  • Being disrespectful towards Cora
  • Attacking civilians
  • Siding with the UC
  • Showing sympathy to the enemies
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Once Sam’s affinity starts increasing, you will receive the [FLIRT] dialogue prompts. Keep choosing such options to learn more about Sam’s background and proceed with the romance.

Complete the "Matters of the Hart" Quest

After reaching a sufficient affinity level with Sam using correct actions and choosing the right dialogue options, you will trigger the "Matters of the Hart" companion quest by talking to him. Completing this quest is crucial for this romance to come to fruition.

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Matters of Hart is a long quest and involves Cora’s mother, Lilian. At the end of this quest, Sam will invite you to Akila City to meet on a balcony near Solomon Coe's statue. There, you can finally start a romantic relationship with Sam. Choose the [ROMANCE] dialogue prompt during your conversation to complete the quest and make this relationship official.

Complete the "Commitment" Quest

Now, if you wish to get married to Sam Coe, you need to unlock and complete the “Commitment: Sam Coe” quest. It is unlocked after talking to Cora once Sam mentions getting her approval for the relationship to proceed. Once Cora Coe shows happiness over your and Sam’s marriage, speak to Sam to kick off this quest.

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You will get married to Sam in the Coe Estate inside Akila City, where you will meet a couple of his family members. This marks your official wedding ceremony with Sam, making him your spouse in the game.

That's everything you need to know on how to Romance Sam Coe in Starfield. While here, check our guides on other NPC romances and deepen your bonds with your companions. Remember that you'll lose relationship progress when entering new game plus.

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