Starfield - Ryujin Industries Questline and Rewards

starfield ryujin industry contract and gun from anime promo

starfield ryujin industry contract and gun from anime promo

Ryujin Industries is a massive corporation notorious for its ruthless and cutthroat practices when it comes to business. If you want to climb their hierarchy and take your position atop the corporate ladder, you must complete the Ryujin Industries Questline.

This path is filled with deception, lies, and deceit as you navigate the corporate underbelly of the Settled Systems. From stealing private information to blackmail, there is no level Ryujin Industries won't stoop down to ensure their profits. Find out everything from joining them to completing the Ryujin Industry questline and getting all the rewards in this guide.

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How to Join Ryujin Industries in Starfield

Ryujin Industries is found on the Volii Alpha planet of the Volii star system. To join them, you must interact with any Ryujin Industries kiosk and apply for a job. The first Kiosk you can find is in New Atlantis on the path between the Freestar Collective Embassy and Outland shop.

starfield neon city
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You don't need to worry about your answers, as you will get the job regardless of what you say. After this, you must head to Neon City for your first quest.

All Ryujin Industries Quests Explained

Quest Name
Quest Description
Quest Rewards
Back to the Grind
Join the Ryujin Faction on Neon
EXP: 250 | Credits: 4000
One Step Ahead
Infiltrate CeltCorp for Imogene and upload a virus into their system.
EXP: 100 | Credits: 1000
A New Narrative
Travel to Akila city and now plant some files on Laredo farms’ computer.
EXP: 110 | Credits: 2500
Access is Key
Go to Gagarin Landing and get the Security Card from the UC security guard.
EXP: 100 | Credits: 2500
Sowing Discord
Influence both Zola Adisa and Arthur Cruz against Infinity Ltd corporation and swap out Nina Hart’s presentation.
EXP: 250 | Credits: 10000
Accidents Happen
Plant the arc system in the Hopetech system on Polvo planet.
EXP: 100 | Credits: 2500
Maintaining the Edge
Travel to Trident luxury ship in Cheyenne and steal schematics.
EXP: 100 | Credits: 2500
Top Secrets
Obtain Stanley’s file from Simon in Cydonia on Mars.
EXP: 250 | Credits: 10000
Background Checks
Infect two computers in Ularu's room by getting a virus from Nyx for 1000 credits.
EXP: 250 | Credits: 9000
Guilty Parties
Steal the Seokguh syndicate keycard from Frankie and side with Imogene or Ularu.
EXP: 250 | Credits: 4800
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Ryujin Industries Questline Exclusive Rewards

There are only so many exclusive rewards from the Ryujin Industries questline besides a healthy amount of Credits and EXP. However, you get these three from the quest Sabotage.

  • Manipulation ability
  • Operative suit
  • Operative helmet

You also get your very own office during this Ryujin Industries Questline.

Ryujin Industry Anime

Before the release of Starfield, Bethesda launched a promo trailer showcasing the lifestyle of a street rat recruited into the Ryujin Industry.

the hand that feeds anime title card
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It gives you a glimpse of what kind of people Ryujin likes to prey on for their dirty work. You can watch it here.

That's all you need to know about the Ryujin Industry questline and its rewards. Once you're tired of your life as corporate muscle, you might be interested in smuggling contraband or collecting all the powers. Or why not try out our Astronaut Training Manual to ensure your basic training is up to scratch?

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