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An explorer walks towards a giant door
Credit: Bethesda

An explorer walks towards a giant door
Credit: Bethesda

When joining a faction in Starfield, you'll want to be careful which one you pick. Some may be more risky, like the Crimson Fleet with their rule of no one leaving alive. Or you may be more interested in the organized nations of the Freestar Collective that still value individual freedoms.

Other factions in Starfield, like the United Colonies, don't have such a fatal rule for leaving but have strict laws instead.

Who Are the United Colonies in Starfield?

The United Colonies are the largest faction in all of Starfield. They currently hold an uneasy truth with the cowboy-like Freestar Collective. The two factions faced each other in a Colony War that occurred 20 years before the start of Starfield.

People gather around the entrance to New Atlantis
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Credit: Bethesda
Welcome to New Atlantis

By the Treaty of Narion, the UC controls 3 star systems at the heart of humanity’s earliest interstellar endeavours. Society in UC space is bound by military tradition, civic pride, and science built on the relics of humanity’s oldest remaining history.

The war ended, and an uneasy truce was made between the two. You can join the United Colonies and the Freestar Collective simultaneously, provided another war doesn't break out.

Where Are the United Colonies Based in Starfield?

United Colonies call the city of New Atlantis their home, where they hold the most significant military power in the galaxy. This is where you will also join the Constellation in their mission to piece together a mysterious alien artifact. The United Colonies will be where the game's main quest begins, but not necessarily where it ends.

The gleaming city of New Atlantis
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Credit: Bethesda
Where it all begins - New Atlantis

New Atlantis is the biggest city in the game and Bethesda's largest town ever created.

New Atlantis was founded in the year 2161 and is a high-class society. They are led by MAST (Military, Administrative and Scientific Triumvirate), a council that runs their republic-styled centralized government.

The HQ of mast towers behind a robot
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Credit: Bethesda
The HQ for MAST

They rely heavily on their economy, as well as their military and politics, to run their powerful faction. The Colony War fought against the Freestar Collective may be over, but a new threat has emerged with the Crimson Fleet pushing their reach further into the cosmos.

The United Colonies are one of the first factions you can join during the main quest of Starfield. However, the appeal of the more minor factions may tempt you to sign up elsewhere.

Points of Interest in New Atlantis

New Atlantis is the largest city Bethesda has created. As such, there are tonnes of places for you to visit. The United Colonies have tried to replicate Earth and its massive cities by building the city of New Atlantis on the planet Jemison in the Alpha Centauri system.

Here are some points of interest in New Atlantis:

  • The MAST District: This area is under the authority of the UC Vanguard. However, it also has the Freestar Collective embassy, a museum for the history of the UC, The Lodge, and a sprawling park.
  • The Residential District: The residential district is made up of high-rise buildings and apartments. It is an excellent place for anyone looking to buy a home.
  • The Commercial District: The commercial district is the largest shopping hub in Starfield. You'll find anything and everything besides the most specialized goods up for purchase and sale here.
  • The Lounge: The Lounge is the home of the legendary space exploration group Constellation.
  • The Well: Accessed through elevators, the underbelly or the slums of New Atlantis, where the city's poor population is relegated. Living conditions here are harsh, but people seem to be getting by.
  • The Spaceport: The Spaceport is where you'll be landing, and you can access many high-rise buildings from here. You'll also be upgrading your ship and seeing many kiosks here.

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How to Join the United Colonies Vanguard

For those looking to join the United Colonies Vanguard, you'll have to go ahead and take a quick test. You'll be asked about this test's answers later by Lou, so pay a bit of attention. The United Colonies Vanguard is one of the first factions you can join in Starfield right after the Constellation. You'll talk to Lieutenant John Tuala, and he'll try to recruit you right away.

You can answer his questions positively and begin your exam to join the United Colonies Vanguard. The Vanguard is separate from the military and comprises of individuals who dedicate themselves to upholding the peace.

Once you talk to John Tuala at MAST in New Atlantis, Jemison, you can take the entrance exam. The entrance exam consists of a Piloting test where you must clear up to tier III to qualify as a member of the UC Vanguard. You can use digipicks and the Security level 2 skill to upgrade your ship and clear the piloting test up to tier 6. Doing so nets you 20000 Credits quickly. After this talk to John Tuala again, you'll be sworn in as a member of the UC Vanguard.

United Colonies Quests and Rewards

Once you're a member of the UC Vanguard, you can embark on the following quests and gain these rewards.

Quest Name
Quest Description
Quest Rewards
Supra Et Ultra
Join the UC Vanguard and pass the piloting test.
EXP: 275 | Credits: 4800
Grunt Work
Investigate Tau Cetti II and get rid of the Terrormorph terrorizing the citizens.
UC Vanguard Spacesuit UC Vanguard Space Helmet UC Vanguard Pilot Pack EXP: 250 | Credits: 4800
Delivering Devils
Track down Percival and help him with his debt problem.
EXP: 250 | Credits: 9300
Visit the New Atlantis Cabinet and eliminate the Terrormorphs that attack the city.
EXP: 350 | Credits: 12000
Friends Like These
Infiltrate House Vaa'run and acquire secret data on the Terrormorphs from the Armistice Archives.
UC Citizen ID EXP: 350 | Credits: 12000
The Devils You Know
Track down Dr. Reginald Orlasse and destroy his ship to get his data.
EXP: 150 | Credits: 3000
War Relics
Find and activate the war relic robot Kaiser. Also help him with his quest to clear out a nearby base and kill Unit 99.
EXP: 250 | Credits: 9300
Hostile Intelligence
Infiltrate a hostile base and learn the truth of the Terrormorphs alongside Kaiser and Hadrian.
X-989 Microgun(Talk to Agent inside Armory) EXP: 350 | Credits: 12000
A Legacy Forged
Reveal or conceal Vae Victus's involvement with the Terrormorph attacks to the Cabinet.
Mercury Tower Penthouse EXP: 350 | Credits: 15600

The UC Vanguard questline is lengthy and involves research into the fearsome Terrormorphs. Learn the truth about these vicious aliens and uncover a secret conspiracy. You can also gain UC citizenship and a penthouse as you progress in this quest.

The History of the United Colonies

In 2159, the United Colonies was founded, three years after humans arrived in Alpha Centauri. New Atlantis, established in 2160, became the capital of the United Colonies in 2161. The original New Atlantis colony was constructed underground on the edge of a plateau. In 2160, the United Colonies deemed Jemison safe, and due to their need for a safe settlement for the evacuees from Earth, they rapidly started industrializing the old colony; the old sector is now known as The Well. As construction progressed, the United Colonies designated New Atlantis as its capital in 2161.

The United Colonies are a militarized and highly organized society. Even its citizens only get access to citizenship perks after first serving for one of the branches of MAST. Foreigners can only serve in the military services of MAST under the UC Vanguard for citizenship. Citizenship brings with it perks for credits and housing in the UC. The UC Citizenship is considered quite lucrative in the Settled Systems as there are only so many slots for employment in MAST.

MAST refers to the Military, Administrative and Scientific Triumvirate Council that oversees all the activities of the UC. This council makes up the bureaucracy of the UC and directs its policies. Another vital government agency is the secret intelligence service, the Aegis.

The United Colonies in the Colony Wars

In 2194, the UC tried to expand into the independent Narion system by placing The Clinic star station above Deepala. However, Narion's residents protested and voted to join the Freestar Collective, leading to the Narion War in 2196. This conflict ended in 2216 with the Treaty of Narion, in which the UC relinquished its claim over Narion and recognized it as part of the Freestar Collective. The UC also halted its expansion beyond its existing three star systems.

Tensions between the UC and Freestar flared again in 2308 when the UC complained about Freestar's colonization of the Lunara system, citing the Treaty of Narion's prohibition against Freestar claiming a fourth star system. Diplomatic efforts failed, and the UC besieged the Freestar colony on Vesta, resulting in the Colony War. These wars led to tragedies such as the Terrormorph attacks and massive battles involving mechs and Xenomorph creatures, resulting in hundreds of thousands of lives being lost.

This second conflict concluded in 2311 after the UC Navy suffered a defeat at the Battle of Cheyenne by Freestar guerilla tactics with a fleet of military and civilian ships. Both sides agreed to an Armistice. In response to this defeat, the UC established the UC Vanguard in 2315, a civilian navy dedicated to protecting UC colonies and interests.

As of 2330, UC military forces are on high alert due to increased aggression from the Crimson Fleet, which has established new footholds in multiple systems, posing a threat to UC territory.

Notable Members of the United Colonies

Fleet Admiral Pascual Logan

Pascual Logan is the leader of the United Colonies, officially holding the title Fleet Admiral UC Navy. He started as a regular UC soldier and worked his way to the top through hard work. He has deep respect towards the people who made sacrifices for the betterment of the Settled Systems and loathes groups like Crimson Fleet who spoil the peace. Moreover, he considers his duty of sitting behind a desk and dictating people’s lives a heavy burden.

 starfield united colonies fleet admiral pascual logan
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Pascual Logan can be found inside his office in the MAST District building of New Atlantis. He is involved in the In Memoriam mission related to Sarah Morgan’s romance questline. You must find and talk to Pascual Logan regarding information on Sarah’s ship, UC Dauntless, which was lost during the Colony War.

Commander Kibwe Ikande

The commander of the United Colonies Navy and the 2nd most important person in the faction, Commander Kibwe Ikande, is found aboard the UC Vigilance spaceship. Although little is known about his past, his immense detestation towards the Crimson Fleet pilot runs deep, which can be observed throughout your interactions with him.

starfield united colonies commander kibwe ikande
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Kibwe heads the System Defense division of the United Colonies and is a part of two faction quests. First is the Deep Cover mission, where Kibwe has you infiltrate the Crimson Fleet disguised as a pirate, and the second one is a subsequent quest, Burden of Proof, where you’re tasked with bringing proof of illegal activities of the Crimson Fleet.

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Lieutenant John Tuala

An important member of the United Colonies, Lieutenant John Tuala is a recruitment officer for UC Vanguard. John Tuala considers himself a man who excels in judging people and their skills after talking to them, making this recruitment post a dream job for him. He is found in the MAST headquarters of Vanguard in New Atlantis, and you can talk to him if you’re interested in joining the faction.

starfield united colonies john tuala
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You first encounter John Tuala during The Old Neighborhood main quest, where you talk to him while exploring New Atlantis with Sarah Morgan. At that point, you unlock the Supra et Ultra faction quest, where you can join the Vanguard by talking to Tuala. Completing this mission unlocks another quest involving Tuala, called Grunt Work.

Altagracia Gonzalez

Altagracia Gonzalez is another soldier of the United Colonies with high ambitions. She’s a wannabe pilot who wants to achieve great things but lacks the skills and a piloting license. You can find Altagracia Gonzalez in The Well area of New Atlantis, just outside the Apex Electronics.

Avery Tel

While not exactly a direct member of the United Colonies, Avery Tel is an NPC you encounter through the faction. She is the liaison between the United Colonies and Freestar Collective, enabling smooth communication and trade between two of the most prominent factions in the Settled Systems.

Although Avery Tel is a native of the Neon City, she has lived in New Atlantis most of her life. She can be found inside the MAST International Affairs Office in New Atlantis.

Bobby Katz

A child refugee from the United Colonies space station, Bobby Katz, was taken by the House Va’Ruun. You can meet him when first arriving in New Atlantis as you walk down the ramp of your ship. After talking to him, you will learn that he escaped an attack in a space shuttle while his parents are presumed dead. However, Bobby still believes his parents are alive and hates the idea of going to a foster home.

starfield united colonies bobby katz
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Luckily, his parents do turn up eventually, as you find him hanging around with them in New Atlantis. Each time you see Bobby, he will remind you that his birthday is June 11th.


Brooks is a functionary of the United Colonies found in New Atlantis. She can be found immediately after reaching New Atlantis near your ship. She can be seen receiving the refugees who escaped the House Va’Ruun attack when you first arrive in the city.

Crew Chief Herath

Kane Herath is the Crew Chief of the United Colonies on the New Atlantis spaceport. After landing in the city, you can talk to him at the port and even receive some welcome goodies if you join the faction.

starfield united colonies crew chief herath
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He is a part of the UC Faction quest, Grunt Work, given to you by Lieutenant John Tuala. You'll need to visit the New Atlantis spaceport and talk to the Crew Chief Herath. He provides you with the material that you’re tasked to deliver to Tau Ceti II.

Evie Martinez

Evie Martinez is another NPC from the United Colonies in New Atlantis near the Freestar Collective Embassy. After she lost her father during the Colony War, she holds a grudge against Freestar Collective,

starfield united colonies evie martinez
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Evie Martinez is also a member of the Sanctum Universum religion, and you have to talk to her during the quest, An Invitation.

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