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freestar rangers starfield
Credit: Bethesda

freestar rangers starfield
Credit: Bethesda

Starfield factions play a massive role in how the events of the game play out; The Freestar Collective are one of those factions. Picking your faction or factions will also affect how others treat you on your journey.

Players will come across many other groups in the cosmos, starting with the Constellation faction. Joining one may mean you cannot be a part of an opposing faction due to conflict between them. So, to help you get a better idea of what each faction stands for, here is our Starfield Freestar Collective guide.

Who Are the Freestar Collective?

The three Freestar Collective systems line the new frontier like boundary markers of humankind’s reach. Life on the edge of the Settled Systems is a melting pot of people and cultures, united by a strong, independent spirit and the dream of a better life.

The Freestar Collective are one of the biggest factions known in Starfield. This group is a collection of three entire star systems, united by their shared beliefs of freedom and individuality. If you aim to play as a space cowboy, this is the faction for you.

A wild west looking town in space
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Credit: Bethesda
Reach for the sky

Along with the United Colonies, they are the second largest faction in the galaxy. More akin to a 'Wild West', frontier wandering style faction, the Freestar Collective could still be a worthy choice to join up with.

Due to their beliefs, in Starfield, the Freestar Collective are similar to America's old Western frontier days. Tensions and disputes could arise, requiring resolution from an outside source - you. If you can happily take on board these negative points, then the Freestar Collective could be where you call home.

Where Is the Freestar Collective Based?

A shanty like town Akila city is shown
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Credit: Bethesda
Akila city, heart of the cowboy faction

The home world of the Freestar Collective is Akila City on the planet Akila in the Cheyenne system. This is also the location of the faction's headquarters, where they carry out their safekeeping duties for the people of the United Star Systems.

Points of Interest in Akila City

Akila City is one of the largest hubs in Starfield, and you can visit many places. Here are some of the most important landmarks.

  • Aggie's - A small vendor in Akila City.
  • Aldin Wright's Workshop - A workshop tucked away in the corner of the city.
  • Chunks - A restaurant for buying food items.
  • Coe Estate - The home was passed down through the Coe family.
  • Coe Heritage Museum - A museum dedicated to the founders of the Freestar Collective.
  • Coe Plaza - A town centre with a statue of the founder of the Freestar Collective.
  • ENHANCE - A facility for altering your genes and changing your appearance.
  • Filburn Agricultural Systems - A building for agricultural systems that you can enter.
  • Galbank - The primary bank in Akila City.
  • Honest Earl's Alien Extravaganza - A shady zoo showcasing exotic creatures.
  • House of the Enlightened - The House of the Enlightened branch in Akila City.
  • Laredo Firearms - The Akila City weapons store.
  • Midtown Minerals - A trade store for minerals and resources.
  • Rowland Arms - Another arms store with some of the best weapons in Akila City.
  • Sanctum Universum - A hub for those raised as Universal.
  • Shepherd's General Store - A store for all the generic goods a Spacefarer might need.
  • Ship Services - Services to upgrade and modify your Starship.
  • Sinclair's Books - The Akila City bookstore for purchase and selling.
  • Spaceport - The main landing site for ships in Akila City.
  • Stoneroot Inn - The local inn at Akila City for socializing and all your beverage needs.
  • TerraBrew Coffee - Grab a nice brew and take in the city atmosphere.
  • The Core - A dream home you can purchase to become a real estate owner in Akila City.
  • The Empty Nest - A place full of hostile thugs that houses an Artifact.
  • The Hitching Post - One of the main bars in Akila City.
  • The Rock - The headquarters of the Freestar Rangers.
  • Wildtown - Another hub for NPCs in Akila City.

Who are the Freestar Rangers?

The Freestar Rangers are the officially recognized peacekeeping force in the Freestar Collective. They're a unit of space cowboys who patrol the territory of the Freestar Collective and act as both a protective and investigative force in their star systems. They were founded in 2221.

"The Freestar Rangers ensure the safety and security of the Freestar Collective and its people." ― Emma Wilcox.

Currently, the Freestar Rangers are under the leadership of Marshall Daniel Blake and his second-in-command, Emma Wilcox. They protect the citizens from galactic and natural threats that roam the wildlands of Akila.

How to Join the Freestar Rangers

Head to Akila City and take note of the ongoing bank robbery. This will begin the quest "Job Gone Wrong". You can go in guns blazing, use persuasion or sneak in through the backside for a surprise attack.

After this, you'll be given the quest Deputized, where you must talk to Emma Wilcox, who asks you to complete a quest from the mission board. After completing this quest, you'll be an official part of the Freestar Rangers.

starfield akila city mission board
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Afterwards, you can use the Freestar Collective mission board for various new quests.

Freestar Rangers Questline Guide

Here is a full breakdown of the Freestar Collective questline and rewards.

Quest Name
Quest Description
Quest Rewards
Job Gone Wrong
Stop the bank robbery in Akila City
EXP: 150 | Credits: 3800
Complete a mission board quest and track down the Ruffians to join the Freestar Rangers
EXP: 250 | Credits: 5000
Where Hope is Built
Help Nia Kalu and destroy the Outlaw ships
EXP: 250 | Credits: 5000
Shadows in Neon
Navigate the city of Neon to track down the stolen HopeTech ship and get the encrypted slate.
EXP: 250 | Credits: 5000
Surgical Strike
Navigate a hospital and track down Maya Kruz to an Abandoned Asteroid Mine in Eklund.
EXP: 350 | Credits: 5000
On the Run
Run the Red Mile and confront Marco Graziani
350 XP | 5000 Credits
First to Fight, First to Die
Track down and kill Paxton Hull and his mercenaries.
EXP: 250 | Credits: 9600
The Hammer Falls
Confront Ron Hope and kill him or take a bribe.
EXP: 150 | Credits: 12400 | Star Eagle Ship

For complete Freestar Collective mission walkthroughs, click on the links below to get extra assistance dishing out some Akila-style frontier justice to the galaxy!

Freestar Collective Mission Board Quests

You can also do the mission board quests for the Freestar Rangers. Here is a list of each quest and their rewards.

Mission Board Quest
Destroy the Crimson Fleet Ghost at Procyon A
2650 Credits
Kill the Pirate Freebooter on Muphrid VIII-B
3200 Credits
Deliver Specialty Crops to Porrima III
3476 Credits
Supply Argon (AR) to Jemison, Alpha Centauri
1620 Credits
Survey Indum II in Indum
8000 Credits
Destroy the Crimson Fleet Haunt at Sol
2650 Credits
Deliver Parcels and Mail to Polvo
1685 Credits
Deliver Reactive Paints to Akila
1705 Credits
Transport Scientists to Porrima II-C
1560 Credits
Destroy the Crimson Fleet Ghost at Sirius
2650 Credits
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Freestar Collective History and Overview

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Founded in 2167 by Solomon Coe, Akila City is where you will find the headquarters of the Freestar Collective. This military-styled base named 'The Rock' is where the faction makes their plans. Most missions involving the Freestar Collective will be found in and around Akila City and inside The Rock.

Sam Coe stands next to the statue of Solomon Coe
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Credit: Bethesda
Sam Coe is descended from the founder Solomon Coe

The history of the Freestar Collective is full of struggle and strife for the freedoms of its people. This faction was created after the United Colonies and inhabits the borders of the Settled Systems.

Freestar Collective in the Colony War

The Colony War is the most important event that impacted the status quo of the Settled Systems. The leadup to this event involved the Narian War, where the United Colonies tried to expand into the independent Narian system. The people of Narian enlisted the support of the Freestar Collective and formally joined them.

This resulted in a conflict between the Freestar Collective and the United Colonies, known as the Battle of Narian. The UC won this battle of attrition by wiping out the Freestar Collective's fleet. However, this war was unpopular for both sides and resulted in the Treaty of Narian, where both sides agreed to stop their expansion into other star systems.

During this period of peace, the Freestar Collective developed weapons of war known as the Mechs. These giant robots were a powerful force to be reckoned with, and the Freestar Collective specialized in their production. Later on, when they tried to harvest agricultural produce from Vesta, the UC saw this as a breach of the treaty, and another war broke out.

The UC deployed their own mechs and xenowarfare creatures. The result was a massacre of the Freestar Collective forces on Vesta, and this incident was repeated on planets such as Nera, a central hub for the system. The Freestar Collective deployed their forces, resulting in high casualties for both sides. Eventually, the war escalated as the UC pushed into the capital planet of the Freestar Collective in the Cheyenne system.

However, the Freestar Collective then deployed hit-and-run tactics upon the invading fleet and eventually crippled them to deal a decisive blow. This resulted in both sides coming to the negotiation tables once more.

The result was an agreement to limit the military forces on both sides and a ban on Mechs and Xenowarfare. This sets the stage for when Starfield finally stars, and you can see the echoes of this war having its effect across the Settled Systems. A bitter resentment still exists between the UC and the Freestar Collective.

Notable Members

Sam Coe

Although Sam Coe has taken a break from the Freestar Collective and found his new home at the Constellation, he's still an integral part of the Freestar Rangers questline. This single father ex-space cowboy works with the Constellation alongside his daughter Cora Coe. Both of them joined in 2327.

Sam is a descendant of the founder of the Freestar Collective, Solomon Coe.

Starfield Sam Coe holding gun Introduction shot with skills
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You'll be able to recruit Sam as a companion, who has the following skills.

Rifle Certification

You can also choose to romance Sam Coe if you'd like.

Marshal Blake

Marshall Daniel Blake is the highest authority in Akila City. While he's not on the council of the Freestar Collective, he still wields significant power in Akila City.

starfield marshall blake
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He will reward you with the title of Ranger and the Star Eagle Ship once you complete the Freestar Rangers quest line.

Ron Hope

Ron Hope is the CEO of HopeTech and a member of the Council of Governors that oversees the Freestar Collective. He is in the Hopetown settlement on Palvo in the Valo star system.

starfield freestar collective ron hope
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Near the end of the Freestar Ranger questline, you find that Ron Hope is responsible for hiring mercenaries from the First to threaten farmers on Monara Luna. You will have to either kill Ron Hope and his mercenaries or accept his bribe of 20,000 Credits(50,000 Credits if you negotiate). The outcome of this quest depends on what you choose to do.

Jacob Coe

Jacob Coe is Sam Coe's father and Cora Coe's grandfather. He is a man who holds family and ancestry in the highest regard and thus is very disappointed in his son Sam Coe.

starfield jacob coe dialogue options
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You run into him during the mission "The Empty Nest", where you must steal some maps from his house. Enlist Sam's help, use the persuasion skill, or prepare for some lockpicking to finish the ordeal. However, be prepared to hear some harsh words he has ready for Sam.

Emma Wilcox

Emma Wilcox serves as the main recruiter for the Freestar Rangers and will be in charge of handing out mission board quests to you during your time as a Freestar Ranger. You can find Emma Wilcox near the bar at the Rock in Akila City on the planet Akila in the Chennye system.

starfield emma wilcox sitting
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That concludes our Starfield Freestar Collective guide. While you are here, why not check out some of our other guides and articles like Starfield - Food & Drink or Play Starfield Without a Console or PC?

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