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starfield mission board

starfield mission board

Starfield is a massive RPG with dozens of hours of immersive content and a quest popping up in every corner of the world. You can find various mission boards across different cities, space stations, and faction bases, which grant you some of the most thrilling quests. This guide will help you find all mission boards in Starfield.

Awareness of all mission boards and their locations in Starfield is essential to ensure you don’t miss out on some fantastic quests. Many of these boards are faction-based, and you need them to proceed with any missions focused around that particular faction. So, keep reading to learn more about all Starfield mission board locations.

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All Mission Board Locations in Starfield

Here is the list of all 12 mission boards and their locations in Starfield.

Akila City Mission Board

The Akila City mission board is easy to find. Navigate the city to locate the Hitching Post bar, which is near the city's front gate. The mission board is inside the bar next to a Self-Service Bounty Clearance machine.

starfield akila city mission board
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Constellation Mission Board

The main faction in Starfield, Constellation, has a mission board with some fun surveying missions. You can find it in the basement of the Lodge, in the same room as all the research equipment.

starfield constellation mission board
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Crimson Fleet Mission Board

You can also find a mission board at the Crimson Fleet base, which is only accessible if you don’t side with the United Colonies. It is in the Reckoner’s Core, next to Shinya Voss.

starfield crimson fleet mission board
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Cydonia Mission Board

This mission board and a Self-Service Bounty Clearance machine are in Cydonia. You must head right as you enter the city to find the Broken Spear vendor. The mission board will be right there.

starfield cydonia mission board
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Deimos Mission Board

The Deimos Shipyard has a mission board on the moon of Deimos, orbiting Mars. It is unmissable once you get there.

Freestar Rangers Mission Board

If you’re looking for a bounty-hunting mission board, you can find one in Akila City. First, join the faction and head to The Rock building in Akila City as a Freestar Ranger. The Freestar Rangers mission board is located upstairs.

starfield freestar collective mission board
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Hopetown Mission Board

If you find yourself in the city of Hopetown, on the Polvo Planet, you can find a mission board there. You can just head to the Pit Stop bar near the spaceport to access it.

starfield hopetown mission board
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Neon Mission Board

This mission board is easy to find. Just reach the end of the street after entering the Neon City and reach the Astral Lounge. You can find the board on the lounge wall.

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starfield neon mission board
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New Atlantis Mission Board

When you reach New Atlantis, go to The Viewport bar. You will find your first mission board in the lounge, right next to a Self-Service Bountry Clearance machine.

starfield new atlantis mission board
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Stroud-Eklund Shipyard Mission Board

If you stumble on the Stroud-Eklund Shipyard in the Narion system, you can find a mission board inside the lobby near the docking area.

starfield stroud eklund shipyard mission board
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Trident Luxury Lines Mission Board

Trident Luxury Lines is a space station found in the Cheyenne system, where another one of the mission boards is waiting for you near the main entrance.

starfield trident luxury lines mission board
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United Colonies Mission Board

Finally, the United Colonies has its mission board on their ship, UC Vigilance. If you end up not siding with the Crimson Fleet, however, you can find the permanent mission board of United Colonies at their base, The Key.

starfield united colonies mission board
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How to Build Your Own Mission Board

Aside from all these mission boards in the game, you can set up your own boards at Outposts. Go to the Build Menu, select the Miscellaneous tab, and create a nice mission board with the required materials.

Those are all the mission board locations in Starfield. Check out our list of full traits and character backgrounds while you're here. Also, check out some of the best starting builds and conquer the galaxy.

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