Starfield Community - Galaxy Mapped, It’s a Big One

A starchart of the galaxy
Credit: Bethesda

A starchart of the galaxy
Credit: Bethesda

Starfield is for many people, already a Game of the Year contender. From the brilliant mind of Todd Howard and the team at Bethesda, the Starfield galaxy is going to be enjoyed for years to come.

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Fans can take things to baffling new levels to show their passion for a franchise, this one is mind-blowing. We knew the galaxy was going to be big. However, we weren't quite prepared for just how big it actually will be.

Star Charts

A starship goes into warp speed
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Credit: Bethesda
Exploring the galaxy will take some time

The Xbox and Starfield Showcase earlier this year gave us a first (and only) deep dive into Starfield. The Showcase video revealed many features such as ships, outposts, character creation, weapons, and much more.

During the presentation, we also got to see glimpses of the wider Starfield galaxy. Todd Howard also confirmed that there will be over 1000 planets to visit with 10% of them being populated.

Some were dismayed at this as the ever-popular No Man's Sky features almost infinite worlds to visit. That being said, Starfield is going to be much more story-focused compared to Hello Games epic space survival game. So, the inhabited planets we visit in the Starfield Galaxy will be much richer and more populated.

Map Readings

For some fans seeing this glimpse of the star charts was simply not enough. A group of cartography fans banded together to create The Starfield Navigator. Their programme created an accurate mapping of the Starfield galaxy from the information shown during the Starfield Showcase.

Looking at the gleaming city of New Atlantis
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Credit: Bethesda
The cities will be rich and diverse

While we know already that starships will use warp to traverse between systems and planets, it might take longer than we thought. Looking at the map created and seeing the sheer size of the Starfield galaxy is mind-blowing.

One thing is for sure, you won't want to miss a single one of these new planets along the way. With some set to be bigger than Skyrim, there will be players who never reach the games conclusion. Either way, this map is a stellar achievement and exploring it all is going to be fun.

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