Andreja Romance Guide

starfield companion andreja romance guide

starfield companion andreja romance guide

Most people might prefer more popular companion choices, such as romancing Sarah Morgan or Sam Coe. However, you might be more interested in romancing Andreja to avoid going for the vanilla options. Andreja is a mysterious companion with dubious motivations, but she is also one of the most interesting characters in Starfield. You can learn how to woo her with this Andreja romance guide.

Romancing Andreja involves spending time with her as your primary companion and picking choices she approves of. This guide will examine characteristics she finds attractive, the quests you must complete to learn about her past, and how to marry Andreja.

How to Romance Andreja

Get Andreja as a Companion

First, you must add Andreja to your crew as your primary companion. Starfield has many companion choices, but you'll want to keep Andreja as your main girl. After the main story quest, "Into the Unknown", she becomes a companion.

getting andreja as a companion in starfield
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Andreja's skills include:

starfield andreja close up and skills
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As you can see, her skills are a lot more on the stealthy side, which matches up with her as a character. They're also very useful to have both in and out of combat.

Raise Your Affinity with Andreja

Next up, focus on building your affinity with Andreja. This means you have to perform the actions that Andreja likes while avoiding everything she dislikes. It is crucial since you need a high affinity with Andreja to proceed with this romantic pursuit and make her your true partner. Andreja has relations with the House of Va'ruun and is loyal to the Great Serpent.

Following are the actions that Andreja likes:

  • Straightforwardness with cheeky and bold responses
  • Be kind to the innocent.
  • Intimidating actions
  • Independent actions

These actions increase her respect for you and make you a worthy suitor. Similarly, the steps that can lower Andreja’s affinity are given below:

  • Asking for Credits as a reward (just farm them)
  • Actions that show uncertainty
  • Harming the innocent

So that you know, she approves of stealing from enemies. However, stealing from the innocent is a no-go.

Once Andreja’s affinity increases, you will receive the [FLIRT] dialogue prompts. Keep choosing such options to learn more about Andreja's background and proceed with the romance.

Complete the Divided Loyalties Quest

Once her affinity is high enough, she'll talk with you about reconnecting with her friends. This will trigger the Divided Loyalties quest, where you follow her and help her face her past once her. The quest eventually culminates in the choice to spare or kill Tomisar for what he did to Andreja's friends.

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Spare or Kill Tomisar

You'll have three choices when it comes to deciding Tomisar's fate. Here are the choices and their respective outcomes.

Andreja Affinity
Don't kill Tomisar
Leave Tomisar to the judgement of the Council
Kill Tomisar yourself
You can loot Tomisar's Outfit but Andreja will wish she had killed him herself.
Let Andreja kill Tomisar
Andreja will be relieved that she managed to get revenge for her friends.

Once you finish the quest, you'll see a dialogue prompt to romance Andreja and enter a happy relationship with her by your side.

starfield andreja romance dialogue
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Complete the "Commitment" Quest

Once you're in a romantic relationship with Andreja, keep raising her affinity and talking to her while choosing dialogue options that imply long-term commitment. Eventually, you will get the prompt to marry her. Once you select this prompt, you will start the Commitment: Andreja quest.

starfield andreja married waking up dialogue
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She will ask for a wedding on a chosen planet that honors her heritage. You can go ahead with this and complete your romance with Andreja. You can benefit from the EXP buff after marriage; she seems proud of her physical abilities.

How to Divorce Andreja in Starfield

If, for whatever reason, you've decided against your choice to commit to Andreja, you can always strike up a conversation with her and discuss the state of your marriage. You'll have to give her a reason for the divorce, after which she will be visibly upset and leave you as a companion. But honestly, she's had a rough enough life. Why are you adding to her list of traumas?

That's everything you need to know on how to Romance Andreja in Starfield. While here, check our guides on other NPC romances and deepen your bonds with your companions. Remember that you'll lose relationship progress when entering new game plus.

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