Starfield Best Lategame XP Farm

starfield flying in serpentis system for xp farm

starfield flying in serpentis system for xp farm

If you're tired of setting up massive outpost systems or farming creatures for XP while burning up ammo, this Starfield endgame XP farming guide is for you. Getting XP in the endgame can be tiring, especially when quests barely give you any rewards. Luckily, players have figured out this endgame XP farming guide that will keep you entertained while you grind those levels.

Note that this method is for players who have reached higher levels and have a powerful ship for space combat. We'll discuss this method's pros and cons and help you set yourself up for a convenient Starfield XP Farm. So, let's get on with the guide.

XP Farm Method Requirements

This method has few requirements. However, you're recommended to have a powerful ship that can quickly deal with enemy ships above level 50 and Starborn ships. We suggest checking out the advanced shipbuilding guide, but we'll also suggest some weapons that can turn your starship into a vehicle of destruction.

The requirements for this XP farm include the following:

starfield serpentis star system
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We suggest you check out our Starship Captain build for the tech skills you need and the best companions for space combat.

Here are our recommended starship weapons that you can find at various ship vendors in New Atlantis.

  • Disrupter 3320 Neutron Turret
  • Dragon 261 SX Laser
  • MKE-9A Auto Gauss Gun

Serpentis XP Farm Method

This XP farm method is quite simple. The Serpentis Star System is unique as you will constantly get ambushed by high-level ships as soon as you enter any space area here. You'll be caught in a dogfight within 10 seconds of loading into one of the planets in this system. This differs from other Star Systems with space activities such as combat dependent on random encounters.

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Since the ships you'll be facing will all be high-level, including Starborn ships dropping over 2000 XP per kill, you'll be stacking up XP in no time. Simply load into an area, kill enemies, load into the next planet in this Star System, and rinse and repeat. If you're patient, you can also pick up dropped loot for some Credit Farm. Use all our quick XP tips to increase your total gains.

starfield serpentis star system planets
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Advantages of Serpentis XP Farm

Unlike the creature XP farm or outpost building XP farms, this method does not require you to set up with lots of resources or ammunition. It's also much more efficient than the creature farm if you've built your Starship correctly.

starfield starborn ship for xp farm
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Three Starborn ships can spawn whenever you load into a new area. Take them out quickly, and you can get 6000 XP within less than half a minute without burning essential resources. This method is also a great way to level up all your piloting and space combat-related skills quickly.

That's all you need to know about the endgame Serpentis XP farm in Starfield. For more guides, learn about the Sex XP bonus and how to romance each companion.

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