Starfield Best Early Game XP Farms

starfield grav jump for early game xp farm

starfield grav jump for early game xp farm

Starfield's intro can be considered a slow burn before you get into the gameplay loop of exploring new planets and levelling up. However, you might feel underpowered in the face of the vast world expanding in front of you. In this case, we suggest you use our best early-game XP farm methods for Starfield.

This guide will cover three early-game XP farm locations and methods to gain levels and skill points quickly. Once you've levelled up adequately, you can easily take on anything the main story throws at you. Once you finish these three early-game XP farm methods in Starfield, you can opt for the midgame XP farm.

Masada III Creature XP Farm

Today's number one on our list is the creature XP farm that you can employ in the Masada star system. Once you're done with the intro, you can travel to any planet and star system that you have the necessary skills for. The Masada Star System is located at the bottom right of the Kryx Star system.

starfield masada star system location
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Masada is a level 75 Star System, and the planet Masada III has an abundance of fauna.

starfield masada iii planet for xp farm
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Travel to this planet and lower your difficulty settings for a more effortless combat experience. Your goal is to slaughter all the creatures in your vicinity. You can use your mining cutter if you want to conserve ammo. You'll get around 84-118 XP per kill, depending on your XP bonuses.

starfield masada iii pack landshark for xp farm
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We recommend getting food XP bonuses, the well-rested XP bonus or even the Sex XP bonus.

Adaptive Frame Crafting XP Farm

If you prefer to avoid repeating endless combat for XP, this outpost and crafting-based XP farm method might be the one for you. Crafting adaptive frames requires you to have access to Iron and Aluminium. These resources are two of the best to collect early game for outpost building. This method puts you ahead in multiple ways, so here's what you need to do.

starfield androphon for iron and aluminium
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Go to the Narion system and make your way to the moon Andraphon. This moon has plenty of Iron and Aluminum deposited located near each other. You need to make your outpost where the Iron and Aluminum regions meet. Set up lots of storage and extractors, and watch your resources pile up. You can go to Venus and wait to pass the time very quickly. Once you have the materials - craft a ton of Adaptive Frames for some significant XP gains.

starfield adaptive frame crafting for XP
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Strix Early Game XP Farm

Lastly, one of the easier creature farming methods will take less effort than the Masada III creature farm. Instead of facing dangerous enemies, you'll be in a high-level star system facing some easy-to-deal-with jellyfish-like enemies.

starfield early xp farm at strix i
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The only drawback is that you need a decent long-range weapon that consumes ammo. However, if you know how to farm credits and ammo isn't an issue, head over to the Strix Star System and land on the planet Strix I.

starfield strix i for xp farm
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You can reduce the difficulty and start blasting away at the harmless creatures here. A Sniper build would find itself at home using these enemies for target practice. It's a great way to level up your weapon skills as well. Just make sure to use our XP boosting tips while you're farming XP early game at Strix I.

That concludes our Early Game XP farm guide for Starfield. Hopefully, one of these methods will suit you, and you can level up quickly. You should also learn advanced shipbuilding and how to smuggle contraband while you're here. Also, check out how to solve the Mantis Puzzle for some great early-game rewards and how to unlock the Mark I early.

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