Starfield - Emissary or the Hunter

starfield the hunter during emissary or the hunter choice

starfield the hunter during emissary or the hunter choice

Starfield introduces some powerful universe-hopping characters known as the Starborn later in its story. Two of these enigmatic Starborn are the Hunter and the Emissary. In the quest, Unearthed, they will give you the choice to side with either the Emissary or the Hunter.

The choice between the Emissary or the Hunter should not be taken lightly, as it affects the ending you will get for Starfield. Not only that, but your choice also affects the boss you will be facing and the loot you get at the end of the game. So, let's get into the specifics of the Emissary or the Hunter choice in Starfield.

Who are the Emissary and the Hunter?

For the uninitiated, or those who only read a little of the dialogue surrounding these characters, the Emissary and the Hunter are two powerful Starborn. They've been hopping through universes, and both wish to acquire the Unity for their ideals.

starfield the emissary or the hunter standing together
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The Hunter believes in the Darwinian approach towards the Unity, where the strong take from the weak. He prefers anarchy where the Starborn fight and only the strongest can take the mantle to control the Unity.

The Emissary wishes to become the guardian of the Unity. Doing so means he gets to judge who is worthy of reborn. He believes that the artifacts only belong to the noble worthy of them.

What Should You Choose - The Emissary or the Hunter?

A quick breakdown of the choices and their repercussions.

Siding with the Emissary
Hunter Boss fight
Unmitigated Violence
Siding with the Hunter
Emissary Boss fight
Eternity's Gate, The Last Priest
Rejecting both of them
Emissary and Hunter dual boss fight
Both weapons
Persuade both of them
No fighting occurs
No rewards are obtained

So that you know, choosing the persuade option means you don't get the final boss fight or any legendary rewards. We don't recommend this for new players.

starfield the emissary or hunter choice dialogue options
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Siding with the Hunter

If you wish to side with the Hunter, pick these dialogue options.

  • The Hunter is right. The only real rule is who gets the Artifacts first.
  • I'm siding with the Hunter.

The Hunter will remain there after the cutscene and come to your aid during the game's final mission as you enter the Buried Temple. You will have to face the Emissary in the final boss battle. This route allows you to get the Legendary weapons of The Last Priest and Eternity's Gate.

The Hunter will also ask you to kill Keeper Aquilus. You can kill him or persuade him to go into hiding instead.

This also unlocks a new ending cutscene where the Hunter chooses to be reborn from the Unity. His actions spread his will across the universe, which affects many to rise and seek Unity for themselves.

Siding with the Emissary

You can pick these dialogue options if you'd like to side with the Emissary.

  • The Emissary is right. The Artifacts need to be in the right hands.
  • I'm siding with the Emissary.

The Emissary will help you fight off the enemies and their starships during the Revelation final mission. The final boss you face will be the Hunter, and you gain his weapon, the Unmitigated Violence.

starfield the emissary
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This also unlocks a new ending cutscene where the Emissary chooses to stay behind in this universe and oversee the new generation of Starborn. He seeks out those worthy enough to take the mantle of Starborn.

How to Beat the Emissary and the Hunter Bosses

You can also choose to pick neither side.

  • You're both wrong. It's time someone other than a Starborn made a decision.
  • I'm tired of both of you. I'll get to the Unity on my own.

If you choose not to follow the Emissary or the Hunter, you'll have to face both in the final battle in the Revelations mission. Doing so will grant you both of their legendary weapons.

Doing so changes the ending so that the will of the universe is no longer affected by the Starborn and is left in the hands of the people of the Settled Systems.

Now you know all the outcomes of the Emissary or the Hunter choice in Starfield. After this, you can go on to a new game plus and continue accruing powers. Also, check out our list of the best weapons and planets for building outposts?

As always, stick with us at Starfield Portal for more Starfield!

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