Starfield Player Builds Automated Production Facility

basic outpost on a planet

basic outpost on a planet

One of Starfield’s features, currently unprecedented by any other open-world exploration game, is establishing interlinked production.

This means you can harvest a resource on one world and have those supplies linked to another facility where they can be used as the player sees fit.

This makes sense logistically because resources are scattered across the galaxy in Starfield. It isn’t easy to keep the supplies moving without the interlinks while effectively monitoring the flow.

We say difficult, not impossible because user NikoMueller at X has established an intricately linked automated production facility. He claims that his complex collects resources across many worlds and initiates centralized production of “the most valuable items.”

NikoMueller explains that he built an advanced nuclear fusion reaction to power his production facility, which has around 48 cargo links. This is because he collects resources from 16 outposts, each with 2-3 cargo links.

The user even shared how he set up the automated production in his video.

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Credit: X/NikkoMueller

He also claimed to have built everything independently, which he said was only possible through thorough research and calculating what was needed and how much. He also said he needed a detailed floor plan and a structured production flow.

This feat is impressive. With over 1,000 planets to explore, each with varying resources, it takes excellent management and monitoring to achieve this production automation.

Check out NikoMueller’s post on X, where he also shared advice on setting up cargo links and resource collection in the comments.

People are uncovering new things about Bethesda’s latest open-world RPG, Starfield, daily.

Aside from NikoMueller’s centralized and automated production facility, we’ve also found another user who discovered they could strip a dead NPC of their clothes just like they would in Skyrim.

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