United Colonies

The United Colonies (UC) is one of the most powerful and influential faction in the Settled Systems, if not the most powerful. They are a democratic government that is made up of multiple planets and star systems.

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Is United Colonies friendly?

The United Colonies (UC) is generally considered to be a benevolent faction, with a strong commitment to law and order. However, they have been known to be ruthless in their dealings with threats to the UC, such as pirates and hostile aliens.

Where is the United Colonies Located?

The UC is headquartered in the city of New Atlantis, on the planet Terra. They also have a presence on most of the major planets in the Settled Systems.

How Can I Join the United Colonies?

After the game's first few missions, where you join the Constellation, Sarah Morgan will direct you to John Tuala. He's a recruiter for the UC Vanguard, and you can show him your interest in joining the United Colonies. Doing so will begin the quest Supra Et Ultra. Continue ahead for the orientation and take part in some piloting and combat simulations to prove your skills. Once you're done with these, you'll be sworn in at the MAST as a new member and can begin your rise through the Ranks of the UC Vanguard.

Can I Leave the United Colonies?

Yes, you can leave the UC at any time.

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