Starfield - How to Pick Locks in Starfield

a digipick from starfield

a digipick from starfield

Sometimes, you can't always get what you want in Starfield legitimately. You will face multiple locks barring your way to a good item or new area. During the main story, you will also have times when lockpicking is essential for progression. So, even if you don't plan on playing as a criminal, learning to pick a lock in Starfield will be crucial to success.

Below, we look at the lock-picking mini-game and where to find digipicks in Starfield.

Where to Get Digipicks

Before you can even pick a lock in Starfield, you will need to find digipicks. These digipicks are digital lock picks that allow you to attempt an unlock attempt on a locked area or item in Starfield.

player faces a locked safe
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Digipicks can be found in and around locations across the map. While not plentiful by any means, checking out warehouses and outposts should result in you finding a few digipicks around the area. After combat, searching bodies and looting them for items can also be a good way of getting your hands on some.

There is no guarantee of an area having digipicks lying around; however, if you cannot find one by searching or looting, then you will need the second and more reliable option, vendors.

Going to a vendor is the most surefire way to get yourself on the road to lock-picking glory. Go to the nearest vendor on the planet and head to their inventory's 'misc' section. If they have digipicks in stock, they will be listed for sale here. If the closest vendor has none available, you can head to the next closest until you score some.

Best Skill for Lock Picking

If you want to make more of a career in lock-picking, invest in skills that will help you refine your craft. Using the Security skill and levelling it up will allow you to attempt more complex locks.

The security skill badge
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Lockpicking Requirements

  • Novice locks – no hacking skill required
  • Advanced locks – Security rank one required
  • Expert locks – Security rank two required
  • Master locks – Security rank three required

While any player can attempt a novice lock and be successful, in the later game, when things get tough and better loot is behind one of the higher difficulty ranks, Security skills will let you attempt these to free the bounty within.

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Lock Picking Mini-game

You must have at least one digipick in your inventory and the required lock-picking skill level to pick a lock. Once you have these, you can attempt to pick the lock.

The lock picking mini game
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For this mini-game, you must rotate the wheel to slot the keys in the holes around the lock. You'll need to change the selected keys; backing out of the mini-game or using undo will remove a digipick from your inventory. Take a few with you in each new area, as they are gone for good once they are gone.

Well, that covers everything related to lock-picking and using digipicks; hopefully, these tips have helped you. Try our Thief build guide if you want to play Starfield with a build that pairs well with lock-picking.

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