Starfield Missable Companion Erick Von Price

starfield erick von price companion

starfield erick von price companion

Starfield has a lot of NPCs and companions who can accompany you on your journey. From the main members of the Constellation to mercenaries you can hire, there's no shortage of companions. However, some of them, for example, Amelia Earhart, are hidden behind quests. One such companion is Erick Von Price, who you can recruit in the Start-up Stopped quest.

Learn how to start and complete the Start-up Stopped quest and how you can save Erick's life during this quest. Also, learn about the rewards for this quest and why you should recruit Erick Von Price as a companion.

How to Begin Start-up Stopped Quest

To start the Start-up Stopped quest, you need to talk to Jane Weller, who can be located at the counter in the residential district of Cydonia on Mars in the Sol System.

starfield jane weller for erick von price questline
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She'll tell you about her missing ship, the Berry Mule, and how Erick Von Price, who was piloting it, has also gone missing. You'll be tasked with tracking down the ship and recovering it.

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Start-up Stopped Quest Walkthrough

Follow the quest marker and head over to the moon of Neptune, Triton. You'll find the Berry Mule flying in the airspace here. Approach it calmly and enter a dialogue with the ship's current captain. You'll be surprised to hear that Ecliptic Mercenaries have taken over it, who seem to have boarded the wrong vessel and taken Erick Von Price hostage.

Your goal here is to resolve the conflict peacefully and ensure that Erick Von Price comes out of this encounter alive. If you aggravate them too much, they might kill him off, or he can be caught in the crossfire. Tell them that you wish to resolve the matter peacefully.

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Next, talk to them about boarding their ship and discussing the issue.

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Once you're on board, you'll come face to face with the captain of this squad of Ecliptic Mercenaries and see that Erick Von Price is tied and held hostage. Try not to aggravate them here.

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If your persuasion skill is high enough, you can try persuading them to leave the ship and Erick to you. However, a gunfight will break out if you fail this check, and Erick might die.

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The safest option is to let the mercenaries leave with the ship and leave Erick to you. Doing so means you lose the ship, but saving Erick is the priority and an acceptable outcome here.

Start-up Stopped Quest Rewards

Once you've dealt with the situation on the Berry Mule, you can return to Jane and update her on what happened. If you've lost the ship and saved Erick, she'll say that she no longer has any use for him and that you can keep him. You get the following rewards for completing the Start-up Stopped Quest:

  • EXP: 100
  • Credits: Leveled Amount of Credits
  • Riot Shotgun

How to Recruit Erick Von Price

Once you've completed the Start-up Stopped quest and saved Erick Von Price, you can recruit him to your crew. To recruit him, you need to talk to him after completing the quest, and he'll say he wants to join you.

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Erick comes with the following skills:

Both of these are excellent skills for your Starship that are only possessed by Sam Coe and Sarah Morgan. You might want Erick on your crew once you reach the Eye or Lodge decision. He's also a great crewmate if you're going for a Space Captain build.

That's all you need to know about completing the Start-up Stopped quest and how to recruit Erick Von Price to your crew in Starfield. While you're here, you can check out our advanced shipbuilding guide and space fight XP farming method.

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