Starfield Eye or Lodge: High Price To Pay Quest

starfield constellation companion NPCs in the lodge

starfield constellation companion NPCs in the lodge

Being an RPG with branching storylines for different characters, Starfield offers its players various narrative choices. High Price To Pay presents one of the most impactful choices during the main quest. Here is all you need to know about the Go to the Eye or Defend the Lodge choice in Starfield and its outcomes.

Keep in mind that this is a pivotal moment in the game’s main story, which means it spoils a central plot point for the narrative. With that out of the way, once you make the Eye or Lodge choice, one of your four main companions from the Constellation will die, depending on your preference. Keep reading to find out how both outcomes shape the story.

What Happens if You Defend the Lodge

starfield defend the lodge or eye choice dialogue
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If you choose to stay at the Lodge, you will face the Hunter, who is holding Walter hostage. You have to free Walter, head to The Well, and fight Hunter again while defending the artifact from him. Damaging him enough at this point nets you an excellent weapon later on. You can get to your ship and fast-travel to The Eye from there.

When you get to The Eye, you will see that one of the two romanceable companions there has died, while the rest seem injured. In our case, we romanced Sam Coe, with whom we had the highest affinity.

What Happens if You Go to the Eye

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If, instead, you choose to go to The Eye before encountering Hunter, you have to fast-travel to your ship and make your way there immediately. You will find every character alive. When you’re relieved, return to the Lodge to aid the rest of your friends. You will find one of the two romanceable companions at the Lodge couldn’t quite make it. At that point, you fight Hunter near The Well and escape via your ship just like before.

Should You Defend the Lodge or Go to the Eye - Best Outcome

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So, whether you choose to Defend the Lodge or Go to the Eye, one of your four romanceable companions dies either way. The outcome of a character’s death is inevitable and can’t be prevented. However, you can ensure the character you desperately want to save makes it out alive.

The characters that can die are:

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The character location at The Eye or the Lodge isn’t fixed. It appears that the companion you have the highest affinity with spawns and eventually dies at The Eye, while the character you’re second closest to meets their end at the Lodge. In our case, we had the most intimate relationship with Sam Coe, who ended up dying due to our Defend the Lodge choice. We didn't romance Sarah Morgan, who had the second-highest affinity for us and was safe and sound at the Lodge.

With that in mind, you can figure out the locations of the four romanceable companions and what choice would ensure your favourite NPC lives to see another day. Your closest or the second closest Starfield companion would meet their end here, which is expensive.

That's all you need to know about the Eye or Lodge choice in Starfield's High Price to Pay quest. While you're here, you can also check our guides for the best weapons, spacesuits and outpost locations.

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