Starfield Easiest Mid Game XP Farm Method

starfield character with arms wide open pose

starfield character with arms wide open pose

It's no secret that Starfield has an extremely high XP requirement as you get into the mid and late-game. At this point, your progression will slow down, and it has become one of the things players hate about Starfield. However, players have discovered a fast XP farm for the midgame that requires minimal setup.

This method involves travelling to a specific planet and exploiting a respawn mechanic to farm lots of XP quickly. So, let's learn about all the skills and materials you need to set up this mid-game XP farm in Starfield quickly.

XP Farm Requirements

Here are all the requirements for this XP farm:

  • Access to the Pyraas Star System in the top right corner of the Star Map
  • Access to the moon Pyraas VIII-a
  • Zoology Level 1
  • Planetary Habitation Level 1
  • An Explosive Weapon with a large area of effect(Grenade Launcher)
  • Animal Husbandry Facility (4 Aluminum, 1 Sealant, 1 Reactive Gauge, 2 Adaptive Frame)

Once these are available, you can start with the XP farm.

XP Farm Method

We'll be running you through a step-by-step guide on how to use the Animal Husbandry Facility farm method:

  1. Make your way to the moon Pyraas VIII-a in the Pyraas Star System.
starfield xp farm planet pyraas viii-a
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  1. Land anywhere in the desert area and scan the local Swarming Stingback to 100%.
starfield xp farm swarming stingback
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  1. Place an Outpost Beacon and build a basic outpost with electricity and water in an open plain.
  2. Place down the Animal Husbandry Facility.
starfield animal husbandry facility outpost building
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  1. Once the creatures swarm around the building, kill them with your explosive weapon. Make sure to damage the structure with your gun while you're at it.
starfield xp farm swarming stingbacks around animal husbandry facility
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  1. Walk to the door and press the repair button. Note that this will not consume any materials.
starfield xp farm building door repair option
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  1. Once you repair the building, the creatures immediately respawn in the same location. Find an angle you can shoot to kill them all in one shot. The roof in the front is excellent for this.
starfield xp farm angle to shoot
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  1. For every cycle, you will receive around 500 XP. Use our quick XP farm tips, such as getting the sleep XP bonus, the sex XP bonus, and the food XP bonus, to take this number up to 800.
starfield XP farm xp amount
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  1. Rinse and repeat for a cycle every 5 seconds, and enjoy your quick and easy level-ups!

That's all you need to do for Starfield's quick and easy mid-game XP farm method. For more guides, learn about new game plus and whether you should side with the Hunter or Emissary.

For more Starfield, stick with us at the Starfield Portal.

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