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A movie-like poster with cosmonauts looking out to space

A movie-like poster with cosmonauts looking out to space

As with Bethesda’s other open-world RPGs, crafting plays a big part in Starfield. Crafting and research within Starfield unlock various possibilities, from weapon mods and space suit upgrades to medicine, food, and beyond. Once you've gained the knowledge, you can bring to life various creations, including base structures and buildings.

This is all possible through dedicated research projects that provide new crafting recipes and various other options. You'll use the resources you discover and gather during your exploratory journeys to bring these visions to fruition.

This article will take a deeper look at everything we know about Starfield’s crafting and research systems, seeing how it all works within this gigantic open world.

Starfield Research

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Starfield crafting is divided into five categories. These are:

These various research fields in Starfield open up opportunities to get new gear, enhancements, and modifications that can enhance corresponding equipment, weapons, and infrastructure. We'll be covering each of them in detail ahead.

Starfield Research Lab
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The Pharmacology section of research deals with research into consumables that recover HP and provide you with a wide variety of stat boosts. From damage amps to health boosts and the slowing of time, the drugs of the future can be fairly powerful.

To unlock the recipes for these powerful consumables, you first need to research them at a Research Station. Then head over to a Pharmaceutical Lab like the one in the basement of The Lodge to manufacture the ones you like.

Starfield Pharmaceuticals Lab
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Here are the available research projects in Pharmacology:

  • Medical Treatment
  • Performance Enhancement
  • Innovative Synthesis

Note that researching these requires you to have the Research Methods skill as well as the Chemistry and Special Projects skills.

Food and Drink

Food and Drink is similar to Pharmacology but emphasizes restoring HP instead of providing buffs. Plus, the food models in Starfield look delicious and can be pretty impressive to look at. Research them at a Station with the Research Methods and Gastronomy skills to unlock Food and Drink research. Then head over to a Cooking Station like the one in the basement of The Lodge to prepare the meals you like.

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Here are the different categories of food you can research and unlock:

  • Old Earth Cuisine
  • Exotic Recipes
  • Beverage Development
  • Mixology

Check out our Food and Drink guide for a full breakdown of all the research and unlockables.

Outpost Development

If you've reached the endgame, want to set up a base, or want to farm resources at an XP farm, then Outpost Building is the way you'll want to go. You will want to unlock all the Outpost Modules to make the best and most efficient Outposts.

You have to research these Outpost Modules at a Research Station. You can unlock more Outpost Modules by investing in the Research Methods and Outpost Engineering Skills.

  • Manufacturing
  • Resource Extraction
  • Decoration
  • Horticulture
  • Domestication
  • Power Generation
  • Robots
  • Outpost Defense

You'll also need the Planetary Habitation skill to Build Outposts in more dangerous environments.

Weapon Crafting

UI of Starfield's weapon crafting system
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Starfield will offer an extensive selection of Weapon Modifications players can opt for and create. You'll have to invest in Research Methods and Weapon Engineering skills. To unlock the mods, you'll have to unlock the research projects at the Research Station and then head to a Weapons Workbench with the necessary resources for your mod of choice.

starfield weapons workbench
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Each weapon will come with modifiable slots; you can choose from several modifications within each slot. For example, you can opt for Ignition Beams or Stealth Lasers for your laser weapons. The weapon mod slots available are:

  • Barrel
  • Cover
  • Laser
  • Receiver
  • Internal
  • Optic
  • Magazine and Battery
  • Muzzle
  • Stock and Grip

Note that you can only have one weapon mod per slot. Learn more about weapon mods in our Weapon Modding guide.

Armor Crafting

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The mechanism for modifying armor will closely resemble that used for weapons. Players must scavenge resources and experiment with various components to craft modifications for spacesuits, packs, and helmets.

Like weapons, armor modifications will be within the Research Laboratory and categorized under Equipment. You'll need a Research Station, a Spacesuit Workbench, Research Methods, a Spacesuit Design, and many other resources.

starfield spacesuit workbench
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There are three armor piece categories:

  • Spacesuit: Offers complete bodily coverage; lacks separate slots for chest, legs, and gloves, as seen in other games.
  • Packs: A concise term for jet packs or booster packs characters wear on their backs. They are used for flight and propulsion.
  • Helmets: Headgear occupies a distinct slot and boasts a torchlight.

Each of these will have multiple mod slots to install the mod you want to add to your armor.

Industrial Workbench

As you progress through the research tiers for any category, the materials required will become increasingly demanding. This is especially true for Outpost Building. You'll need specialized rare and exotic components to craft certain items. This is where the Industrial Workbench comes in. It allows you to craft Industrial Components, and with levels into the Special Projects skill, you can even craft Rare and Exotic Components. Of course, buying them is always an option.

starfield industrial workbench
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That's all you need to know about research and crafting in Starfield. While you are here, why not check out some of our other guides and articles like Starfield Romance or Starfield - Hidden In-game Modding?

For all things Starfield, stick with us at Starfield Portal.

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