Starfield - Amelia Earhart Secret Companion

starfield amelia earhart companion skills

starfield amelia earhart companion skills

Starfield is full of cool little easter eggs referencing historic occasions such as the moon landing or NASA playing a significant role in the main story. One such easter egg, in particular, is extraordinary. During the quest Operation Starseed, you can add the secret companion Amelia Earhart to your crew.

Yes, we're talking about THAT Amelia Earhart. Not only can you add her as a crew member, but she's also a companion and can be assigned to outposts. You meet many historical figures during Operation Starseed, so let's add Amelia Earhart as a companion in Starfield.

How to Start Operation Starseed?

You can start Operation Starseed by heading to the planet Charybdis III in the Charybdis Star System. When you fly close to the planet, you will hear a distress call and get the option to land in a location known as The Crucible.

Operation Starseed is the quest where you run into Amelia Earhart and many important historical figures from Earth. These include Franklin Roosevelt, Genghis Khan, Amanirenas, Ada Lovelace, and HH Holmes.

How to Find Amelia Earhart?

Amelia Earhart will be part of the population in The Crucible. To unlock her, you need to complete the entirety of Operation Starseed. We'll give you a quick rundown of the quest and the results of various choices. Avoid the last option on our list, as you might end up killing Amelia Earhart!

  • Talk to the leaders Franklin Roosevelt, Amanirenas, and Genghis Khan.
starfield franklin roosevelt npc
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  • Meet Wyatt in private. Persuade him that you'll keep his identity a secret or fight him to the death.
  • Head to the Facility and collect seven clues about the purpose of The Crucible.
  • Share the data with one of the leaders. Note that the others will dislike this decision. Siding with Genghis means facing the other two leaders.
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Side with Franklin
Persuade Amanirenas to stand down and face Genghis Khan.
Side with Amanirenas
Franklin will stand down, and you will face Genghis Khan.
Side with Genghis Khan
Kill both Franklin and Amanirenas.
  • Gain directions to the next step from Ada Lovelace. This next step is lengthy, so be sure to have your Starship ready with a Grav Drive that can travel 28 Light Years.
  • First, travel to Bel V in the Bel Star System to find the navigation beacon for the Beagle. Then, follow this to Zelazny I in the Zelazny Star System. Dock the ship, fight the robots inside and get the Security Override Code.
  • Once you return, you must attend a meeting with the leaders and face the consequences depending on the side you chose earlier.
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  • Lastly, head back to the Facility to decide the fate of the Crucible.
Reboot and restore current Mission parameters.
Everyone in the Crucible will remain stuck there.
Reboot and choose a new Super-Admin
Give absolute power to one of the leaders still left alive.
Initiate Full Project Cleanse
This option kills everyone in the Crucible(Including Amelia Earhart)
  • You can avoid the final choice and pick either of the first two. Now, you can talk to Amelia Earhart in The Crucible.

How to Recruit Amelia Earhart as a Companion?

Once you talk to Amelia Earhart after finishing the Operation Starseed quest, she will show interest in joining your crew. She'll say she's ready to leave the Crucible behind and explore space with you.

starfield amelia earhart recruitment dialogue
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"I need to go out there... I want to see and do everything there is to be done."

Once you accept her proposal, she will officially join your crew as a companion. Amelia Earhart comes with the following skills:

Unfortunately, you cannot romance Amelia Earhart. Check our Romance hub for all the companions you can romance and marry. That's all you need to know about how to add Amelia Earhart to your crew in Starfield.

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