Starfield - New Game Plus Guide

starfield final cutscene with unity and new game plus about to start

starfield final cutscene with unity and new game plus about to start

When you think of New Game Plus, you might think of repeating the same story with improved gear and more formidable enemies. Starfield's New Game Plus lets you change your decisions and faction alignments. However, this is not where it ends, as Bethesda goes a step further with the Starfield New Game Plus.

You can experience a new story, quests and challenges in the Starfield New Game Plus. The most impressive is that these changes continue up to New Game Plus 10. Keep reading for a comprehensive overview of all the changes to look forward to with this Starfield New Game Plus guide.

What Do You Lose in Starfield New Game Plus?

To put it simply, you lose everything when you go into Starfield's New Game Plus. We advise you to save your game before proceeding to the final mission. Once you enter New Game Plus, you will lose all your inventory, farmed credits, ships, outposts, relationships, and even the decisions you've made.

The only things you keep are your powers, your levels, your skills and your research. The rest of the universe is reset to a blank slate.

Should You Rush to New Game Plus?

The short answer is no. At its core, Starfield is a sandbox game built up of the singular world you inhabit and your role within it. Once you hit New Game Plus, all your progress will be gone, and you'll be a stranger in another new universe. If you genuinely want to experience everything Starfield offers, we suggest taking your time with the first run. You can explore other choices in your second run if you feel like it and try out different factions.

However, once you get into the groove of going for further New Game Plus iterations, Starfield becomes an entirely different game. It's more akin to a roguelike where you're trying to farm levels, skills, and powers (more on this later)

What Do You Get In Starfield New Game Plus?

Despite losing everything, there are still a couple of new items and quests that you'll get.

New Starborn Spacesuit

starfield starborn spacesuit
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One of the first things you'll notice when you head into New Game Plus is the Starborn Spacesuit you receive. It has the highest stats out of any spacesuit in the game and provides some of the best buffs. However, it doesn't end there. For every New Game Plus run, your Starborn Spacesuit will get an upgrade. Here's a list of all the Starborn Spacesuits.

  • Starborn Spacesuit Astra – 149 Damage Resistance
  • Starborn Spacesuit Materia – 159 Damage Resistance
  • Starborn Spacesuit Locus – 170 Damage Resistance
  • Starborn Spacesuit Tenebris – 181 Damage Resistance
  • Starborn Spacesuit Solis – 192 Damage Resistance
  • Starborn Spacesuit Gravitas – 203 Damage Resistance
  • Starborn Spacesuit Bellun – 214 Damage Resistance
  • Starborn Spacesuit Tempus – 224 Damage Resistance
  • Starborn Spacesuit Avitus – 235 Damage Resistance
  • Starborn Spacesuit Venator – 246 Damage Resistance

These numbers are high enough to place it at the top of our list of best spacesuits.

New Starborn Spaceship

starfield starborn guardian ship
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Like the Starborn Spacesuit, you also get a new ship titled the Starborn Guardian. Likewise, it can also be upgraded the same way up to six times.

  • Starborn Guardian
  • Starborn Guardian II
  • Starborn Guardian III
  • Starborn Guardian IV
  • Starborn Guardian V
  • Starborn Guardian VI

While the Starborn Guardian is a mighty ship, it's possible to build one with even better performance. Check out our advanced shipbuilding guide.

Power Upgrades

You retain all of your previous powers and skills. You can keep stacking these as you go through New Game Plus iterations. Powers gain access upgrades for all existing versions. Each New Game Plus run lets you upgrade each power once, up to 10 times. Each power upgrade will either lower the power's cost or increase its duration.

RNG events

While we won't be directly spoiling them, there are many new dialogue options available to you during New Game Plus runs. In particular, whenever you enter the Constellation base, there's a chance that you might trigger one of several cutscenes. Some of these include meeting your own doppelgangers or alternate versions of the Constellation's fate.

New Game Plus Farming

If you're looking to power your way through the multiple New Game Plus iterations and gain the most benefit out of them, then you can start New Game Plus farming. This playstyle involves skipping all the side quests and simply focusing on clearing the main story and temples. As you keep your power upgrades, with enough iterations, your powers will all reach the max level.

The final mission awards you with 5000 EXP, excellent for quickly levelling up your skills. It's possible to complete the main story missions and hit around 5-10 temples within three hours. Those of you looking to create maxed-out characters should definitely opt for New Game Plus farming and live their power fantasy.

That's all you need to know about the new game plus in Starfield and how you can power up your character by farming new game plus runs. While you're here, check our list of the best weapons and planets for building outposts.

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