Alpha Centauri

This star system is located in the Centaurus constellation. It is about 4.37 light-years from Earth.

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Starfield Alpha Centauri star-systems Image
Alpha Centauri
  • Catalogue Id GL 559A
  • Magnitude 4.37
  • Level 1
  • Mass 1.10 SM
  • Temperature 5790 K
  • Radius 862420
  • Spectral Class G2
  • Planets

How many planets does Alpha Centauri have?

Alpha Centauri has four planets and eight moons.

How do I get to Alpha Centauri?

The fastest way to get to Alpha Centauri in Starfield is to use a starship with a jump drive. Jump drives allow starships to travel faster than the speed of light by creating a temporary wormhole.

Is Alpha Centauri hostile?

Alpha Centauri is not considered to be a hostile environment in Starfield. The planets in the system are all habitable, and there is no evidence of any hostile lifeforms.

Best Alpha Centauri for outposts

  • Jemison: A temperate planet with a breathable atmosphere.
  • Gagarin: A desert planet with a harsh climate, Gagarin is home to a number of mining operations.
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