The cradle of human civilization, Earth is where humanity began its interstellar journey. Now devoid of life, this uninhabited blue planet represents where it all started and the fate humanity avoided.

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  • MagnetosphereNone
  • Gravity1.00 g
  • Resources
  • TypeRock
  • Body TypeRock
  • Moons
  • AtmosphereThin co2
  • Orbiting
  • SystemSol
  • FaunaNone
  • TemperatureCold
  • FloraNone

Is Earth habitable?

The Earth is no longer habitable in Starfield as the planet is covered in CO2, and no flora or fauna are present.

Where is Earth?

Earth is the third planet in the Sol System.

What is on Earth?

The Earth has safe water and five different resources. These are H2O, Chlorine, Lead, Magnesium and Chlorosilane.

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