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house varuun hq
Credit: Bethesda

house varuun hq
Credit: Bethesda

In Starfield, players will immerse themselves in the out-of-this-world experience of adventuring across the galaxy. From physical attributes to character traits, the customization options for the game are limitless.

This brings us to the religions players can join, such as the House of Va'ruun, which we'll further dive into in this guide below.

What is House Va'ruun?

The House Va'ruun is a fanatical cult that worships and supports the deity they call The Great Serpent. As its name suggests, the deity has iconography rooted in snakes, and worshippers of The Great Serpent grav jump from system to system.

house varuun zealot
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Starfield's Lead Designer, Emil Pagliarulo, described them as 'fanatical religious zealots'. The Starfield - The Settled Systems anime mentioned the group, but we know more about this religion and what it can offer players.

House of Va'ruun History

House Va'ruun emerged from the occupants of a colony vessel that departed New Atlantis in 2190, ultimately considered lost. During a grav jump, passenger Jinan Va'ruun experienced an unaccounted period, claiming communion with a celestial entity identifying as the Great Serpent.

This entity asserted responsibility for creating the Milky Way eons ago, entering a prolonged hibernation, and now gearing up to reclaim its creation in an event termed the "Shrouding." Only loyal followers, the entity declared, would survive, with others facing consumption. Jinan dedicated himself to preparing for the Shrouding by disseminating the Great Serpent's teachings and amassing followers.

house varuun headquarters
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In 2230, the descendants unveiled themselves as House Va'ruun, a theocratic faction under the leadership of Jinan Va'ruun. The flagship Mourning initially facilitated contact with other factions until its decommission in 2299. Initially pursuing diplomatic relations, House Va'ruun emphasized the Great Serpent's message. However, in 2240, Jinan initiated the Serpent's Crusade, a war against the rest of human civilization.

The conflict concluded in 2263 with Jinan's death, succeeded by his son Jarek Va'ruun, who sought peace. House Va'ruun aimed to rehabilitate its reputation, even establishing an embassy in New Atlantis, but these efforts have mostly failed. After the Colony War, it became the third faction to ratify the Armistice but later withdrew into isolation.

A screenshot from the Starfield trailer.
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Credit: Bethesda

Fanatical and hostile, remnants known as Va'ruun Zealots persisted, plaguing the Settled Systems as of 2330. These zealots distorted Va'ruun faith, viewing non-believers as 'accursed' and seeking to cleanse them before the Great Serpent consumes the galaxy. Sightings of Va'ruun Zealots have been reported in Decaran, Moloch, Ophion, and Zosma.

The faction's homeworld, Va'ruun'kai, and its capital, Dazra, remain undisclosed. House Va'ruun's extreme secrecy extends to withholding jump coordinates even from its agents. These agents, tasked with gathering intel on the United Colonies and the Freestar Collective, operate with minimal support. They cannot return until their mission is completed by superiors, who will then send a retrieval ship.

House Va'ruun Location

Dazra was founded between 2190 and 2230 when House Va'ruun established itself under the leadership of its prophet, Jinan Va'ruun. Dazra is the capital of House Va'ruun on the planet Va'ruun'kai, which is in an undisclosed star system.

house varuun space station
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Current known locations for House Varuun are as follows -

Known members of House Va'ruun

andreja starfield
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  • Jinan Va'ruun (founder)
  • Jarek Va'ruun
  • Anasko Va'ruun (current leader)
  • Andreja
  • Mir'za
  • Qasrik Bal'mor
  • S'iah Mavan
  • Tomisar Ka'dic

House Va'ruun Ships

house varuun zealot ship
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Class A

  • Va'ruun Dirge
  • Va'ruun Dirge II
  • Va'ruun Dirge III
  • Va'ruun Hymn
  • Va'ruun Hymn II
  • Va'ruun Hymn III
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  • Va'ruun Litany

Class B

  • Va'ruun Eulogy
  • Va'ruun Eulogy II
  • Va'ruun Eulogy III
  • Va'ruun Vigil
  • Va'ruun Vigil II
  • Va'ruun Vigil III

Class C

  • Va'ruun Prophecy
  • Va'ruun Prophecy II
  • Va'ruun Prophecy III
  • Va'ruun Revelation
  • Va'ruun Revelation II
  • Va'ruun Revelation III


  • Va'ruun Shroudbearer

How to join House Va'ruun

It's easy to join the House Va'ruun in Starfield. You can automatically join the religion when you start the game during character creation. This falls under the traits tab of the character creation, where you can choose the Serpent's Embrace trait.

starfield serpents embrace
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This trait will give you some dialogue opportunities you won't see from other religions you join. You can skip some combat options with House Va'ruun enemies because of your alliance and get some pretty neat rewards.

That's it for this guide on House Va'ruun in Starfield. While you're still here, check out our other articles and guides, such as our Starfield Ryujin Industries guide or Starfield Developer Q&A.

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