Starfield - Answers to Lou’s questions

starfield lou behind his counter

starfield lou behind his counter

Starfield has a ton of quests for you to play through, where you'll meet dubious and trustworthy characters. During the Delivering Devils side quest in Starfield, you will be quizzed on your knowledge of the UC Vanguard. You need to answer a couple of questions to get Lou's trust. Here are the answers to Lou's questions in Starfield.

You need to have a good amount of knowledge of the United Colonies faction for Lou's questions. Once you have his trust, he will help you with information on Percival, his debt and his whereabouts. So, let's get on with the answers to Lou's questions in Starfield.

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Answers to Lou's Questions

When you talk to Lou and ask him for information on Percival, he will test your knowledge of the UC Vanguard to see if you're trustworthy. He will ask you two questions that you need to answer.

Q1: What is the Vanguard Motto?

  • Answer: Above and Beyond (Supra et Ultra)

You might already know the UC Vanguard motto, Supre et Ultra, but Lou wishes to hear its translation to see how knowledgeable you are.

Q2: What grade did you get in your Entrance Exam?

  • Answer: The Vanguard Entrance isn’t graded like that.

The second question is designed to see if you took the UC Vanguard entrance test. It's a trick question because there is no entrance exam for the UC Vanguard.

starfield lou wearing eyepatch close up
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After you answer both these questions, it clears up his doubts, and he trusts you with information on Percival. He will tell you about Percival and his debt situation that must be cleared away by the end of this quest. He will also help guide you towards Percival's location.

Lou will also provide you with the entrance key to the back of the Deep Mines so you can enter and deal with Percival's situation.

That's all you need to know on how to answer Lou's questions in the Delivering Devils quest in Starfield. While you're here, learn how to complete the Mantis Quest, get the overpowered MK 1 early, and change your appearance.

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