Starfield - How to Make Credits Fast (Credit Farming Guide)

starfield ryujin corporation businessman sitting on desk

starfield ryujin corporation businessman sitting on desk

Starfield is a large game with hundreds of resources to collect and manage. However, one resource remains the king throughout the Settled Systems. These are Credits that serve as the primary currency of the Settled Systems. Whether it's to build your first ship or purchase your first home, you'll need a lot of credits. This guide will help you with how to farm credits quickly in Starfield.

If you're looking to make credits fast, there are many ways to go about it. Some of them are a lot more efficient than others, and we'll list many methods you can try out.

What should you sell?

There are a bunch of items that you can sell for consistent money. These primarily include:

  • Weapons
  • Space suits
  • Chems
  • Books and Survey Slates

For weapons and space suits, you want to collect and sell the higher rarity ones; otherwise, you might end up carrying a lot of useless luggage.

As is tradition with Bethesda games, chems sell for a lot of money. This includes healing packs, alcohol, and drugs such as Aurora. You can also delve into a life of piracy and steal enemy ships.

Best items for easy money

Contraband is the category of goods you want to sell for easy money. Contraband quickly sells for thousands of credits, and you can find it lying anywhere, from out in the open in hideouts to enemy bodies and chests. But there's a catch. Selling contraband requires bypassing the UC security checks whenever you enter a new planet.

There are a couple of ways to bypass these checks:

  • Invest in the Deception skill
  • Use Scanner Jammers
  • Use shielded cargo holds

None of these methods are foolproof; ideally, you'd like to have all three active simultaneously to avoid contraband scan detection. The ship you can get from the Mantis quest already has a shielded cargo hold, so it's worth checking out.

Head over to the Trade Authority merchants, who you can identify by their yellow jackets, and you'll get the best prices for your smuggled contraband.

Outpost Farming

starfield outpost with sky and moon in background
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Refer to our outpost guides for building and designing your own outposts. Once you have some of these, you can link them together through Cargo Links.

One outpost can manage a resource, while the others can research and manufacture products for you. This creates an automated system that pumps out help for you to sell and profit from.

Manipulate the difficulty

You can switch the difficulty to high for increased rewards. A neat little trick to make it easy to manage is to change the difficulty to a higher setting when entering an area. This will make the loot and mobs spawn higher rarity drops. Then, you can drop the difficulty level and clear them out for easy rewards.

Using Cheats

Lastly, you can always use cheats to get any amount of Credits you want. Press your PC's '~` key to open the console menu. Then, type in "player.additem 0000000f", followed by the number of credits you'd like to have.

That will get you any amount of desired credits. However, the drawback is that this renders your save file ineligible for achievements. If that doesn't bother you, feel free to use this cheat as much as you'd like!

Those are all the best ways to make credits fast and farm credits reliably in Starfield. While you're here, also check out our best starting builds and advanced shipbuilding guide.

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