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starfield uc museum terrormorph display

starfield uc museum terrormorph display

Starfield features hundreds of genuinely exotic alien species that come in several shapes and sizes. There is no shortage of bizarre and dangerous creatures, from dinosaurs to strange octopus-spider hybrids. However, one monstrosity stands at the apex of Starfield's creatures. These are the Starfield Terrormorph aliens.

The Terrormorphs are ferocious creatures that lurk in the shadows and serve as minibosses whenever you encounter them. This guide will give you an overview of Terrormorphs, their history, locations, drops, and how to beat them.

What Are Terrormorphs?

Terrormorph, a.k.a. Occisio machina, are dangerous aliens found across the Settled Systems. They are highly violent and dangerous lifeforms that threaten humanity. The genetically modified alien species reached the peak of their evolution in a UC research lab on Kreet. From here, they broke out and spread throughout the rest of the Settled Systems and now attack established colonies.

These shadowy aliens are considered apex predators with extreme strength, agility and strong mental faculties that they use to dominate weaker lifeforms. They are considered a significant threat. Luckily, their appearance is rare, and they only appear several decades after establishing a colony.

Terrormorph History/Lore

Terrormorphs were developed in a lab on Kreet to serve as biological weapons in the Colony War against the Freestar Collective. The Xenowarfare division, known as the Red Devils, tried to take control of these atrocities and use them against Freestar Collective soldiers for combat. However, they were unable to control these ferocious beasts.

starfield terrormorph with brave explorer
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Ultimately, the United Colonies suffered a terrible loss due to a Terrormorph outbreak in Londinion on Toliman II.

Terrormorph Outbreak in Londinion

Londinion was a colony built by the United Colonies as a supply hub for their war effort against the Freestar Collective during the Colony War. Many civilians were attracted to this colony and settled there. Unfortunately, tragedy struck when a Terrormorph outbreak occurred here.

The rampaging Terrormorphs breached the city's defenses and wreaked havoc across the colony. The UC Fleet Admiral, François Sanon, ordered the bombing of the Londinion Space Port and the city, condemning the citizens of Londinion to death. This was done to prevent the Terrormorph outbreak; however, they still managed to escape and spread throughout the Settled Systems.

Londinion remains as a Terrormorph-infested ruin covered in ice and rubble. François Sanon was put on trial and sentenced to execution after the Colony War ended. However, he was secretly put in prison for life and acted as an advisor for the UC from there.

Since then, Terrormorph hatchlings known as Heatleeches have been stowing away on ships. Once a new colony is established and enough years pass, these Heatleeches grow into fearsome Terrormorphs and wreak havoc on the local population.

Terrormorph Locations

Luckily, Terrormorph encounters are rare, and you won't run into them too much. They're similar to the iconic Deathclaws from Fallout. You'll come across them primarily during the UC Vanguard Questline. Here are the planets where you are likely to run into Terrormorphs:

  • Kreet (One roaming the planet)
  • Toliman II (Infested)
  • Tau Ceti II (In a processing plant during UC questline)

Other than these, Terrormorph appearances are RNG-based, and you might run into them fighting the local wildlife or other NPCs.

How to Beat Terrormorphs?

Terrormorphs are formidable foes with high HP, quick movements and hard-hitting attacks. They will also level up alongside you and become stronger as you progress. Later in the game, you'll run into higher-level Terrormorphs with red symbols under their health bars, indicating additional health bars. These older, more powerful Terrormorphs are the most fearsome creatures in Starfield.

starfield terrormorph encounter on planet surface
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To defeat Terrormorphs, you need to use your boost pack and the boost assault training skill to avoid taking damage from them. Avoid engaging with them in cramped spaces, and ensure you have the best weapons and spacesuits equipped.

Make sure to have companions like Andreja and Sam Coe with powerful combat abilities to help you. Give them weapons such as grenade launchers to blow the Terrormorphs into oblivion. You should also use Frag Grenades and Mines to cripple and damage the Terrormorphs.

Terrormorph Loot and Drops

Once you've defeated a Terrormorph, you can loot its corpse for valuable resources and materials.

  • Sealant
  • Metabolic agent
  • Adhesive
  • Nutrient
  • Fiber
  • Sedative
  • Toxin
  • Structural Material
  • Amino Acids
  • Alien Genetic Material
  • Analgesic
  • Hallucinogen
  • Aromatic
  • Quark-Degenarate Tissues

That's all you need to know about the Terrormorphs in Starfield. Learn how to level up quickly and the bucket-on-head trick.

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