Fan Rage Over Garlic Potatoes Snub in Starfield

A posh restaurant in Starfield
Credit: Bethesda

A posh restaurant in Starfield
Credit: Bethesda

As we approach the fabled date of September 1 (or September 6 for Premium Edition) fans are showing their disappointment in the missing features from the game. Bethesda has given us a peak at some of the food and drink in Starfield. One fan is upset over the lack of garlic potatoes on the current galactic menu.

Food and drink will have a larger role in Starfield than in previous Bethesda titles. From space sandwiches to alien jerky, the menu revealed shows a varied selection of culinary delights. Becoming a full-blown space chef is entirely possible, we are not sure if you can actually open a space cafe to run, but we will keep you posted.

A sandwich floats in zero gravity
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Credit: Bethesda
Who cares about a salami sandwich? We demand garlic potatoes!

Over on Reddit, one user named ToddGodGarlicPotatoes posted his disgust at the lack of the delicious side dish. His post on the Starfield subreddit reads -

"Anyone else concerned by the lack of garlic potatoes?

I mean, here we are, in the final stretch before launch, and still no garlic potatoes anywhere to be seen. We should all be concerned by the lack of concern over this. What's the point of a chef background if we can't prepare garlic potatoes? Sandwiches are just a distraction. When I bought a Series X I expected next gen garlic potatoes, not old gen sandwiches."

It would be simply unacceptable for Starfield to have a cooking ability and release without the addition of garlic potatoes. In this situation, ToddGodGarlicPotatoes speaks for us all, the game will simply be unplayable if it releases with 'old-gen sandwiches'. Truly awful.

Perhaps if the vanilla version of the game does not have the delicious dish included, modders can add them into the game with a future mod. Or maybe Todd Howard can use the few weeks left before launch to add them to the cookery options?

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