Starfield - Best Starting Builds

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two cowboy-like characters face off
Credit: Bethesda

Bethesda’s games are known for their in-depth customization systems, allowing for some incredible builds. Therefore, we have similar expectations for the builds in Starfield. If you find yourself overwhelmed by the sheer amount of backgrounds, skills, traits, and weapons in the game and can’t figure out what build you should go for, worry not. Here is our guide for the best starting builds in Starfield.

Starfield potentially has limitless builds that drastically change how to approach combat and character interactions. Playing each time with a different build feels refreshing, giving you an entirely new perspective on the game. However, you want to ensure that the first build you try makes the game more approachable and engaging. Check out our recommendations for starting builds here!

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Best Starting Builds for Beginners

An ideal starting build depends highly on personal taste. Some prefer going guns blazing into fights, resolving every conflict with the barrel of their weapons, while others consider diplomacy or stealth to be the best round. If you’re a beginner to the RPG genre, try the following Starfield builds for your first play-through.


character appears to use a highly explosive weapon
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Credit: Bethesda

The Demolition build is, without a doubt, the most fun way to play Starfield. It requires you to create a beefy character who can handle heavy weaponry. Your every encounter will be explosive, ending in bloodshed, wreaking havoc across the galaxies. Why carefully close in on enemies, picking your targets one by one when you can mow them down?

Background Medic
SkillsBallistics, Pistol Certification, Dueling, Demolitions, Heavy Weapons Certification
WeaponsMiniguns and Rocket Launchers


a pistol with a silencer
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Credit: Bethesda

The next solid build for beginners is the Stealth build. You can take on missions by patiently waiting to sneak behind the enemy lines, taking them down one at a time. This approach makes some of the more difficult Starfield missions easier to handle. You will always be stacked on resources since you will do less of the shooting and more of the looting.

Background Cyber Runner
SkillsStealth, Concealment, Pistol Certification, Dueling
WeaponsSnipers, Pistols, SMGs


player stands patiently aiming a sniper rifle
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Credit: Bethesda

The final build every beginner should try in Starfield is the Sniper build. It has the potential to be the most broken way to play the game since you can take out targets from a safe distance, never putting yourself in harm's way. Keep in mind that not every Starfield mission is designed to be completed this way, so mixing a Sniper build with something like stealth is rather smart.

Background Cyber Runner
SkillsStealth, Marksmanship, Sniper
WeaponsSnipers, Long-range Rifles

Best Starting Builds for Advanced Players

If you’re an expert at RPGs or have a fair amount of experience with the other Bethesda games, you might want to try out some different approaches in Starfield. We have mentioned some of the best Starfield starting builds for advanced players below.


a knife
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Credit: Bethesda

Melee builds make the game extremely thrilling when you feel the rush of taking down enemies with your bare fists. Starfield allows for some overpowered melee builds with weapons like knives and axes. However, since you are literally bringing a knife to a gunfight with this build, it is only recommended to use if you’re fairly good at the game mechanics.

Background Chef
TraitsTerra Firma
SkillsWellness, Weight Lifting, Martial Arts, Intimidation
WeaponsFists, Knives, Swords/Axes


player looks at their chronomark watch
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Credit: Bethesda

Starfield lets you live out the fantasy of becoming a cyber engineer in space with a Tech build. Why be afraid of turrets, cameras, and explosive devices when you can hack and control them? You can also unlock secret areas and safes with this build, giving you access to valuable items. However, hacking in Starfield is no easy feat by any means, so this build requires careful planning and execution.

Background Cyber Runner
TraitsTerra Firma
SkillsBallistic Weapon Systems, Security, Targeting Control Systems
WeaponsFists, SMG


character stands in futuristic monk-like robes
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Credit: Bethesda

Finally, the last build that advanced players should try is the Pacifist build. This is a completely distinctive way of playing the game, where you aim to resolve every conflict with dialogue and persuasion rather than a bloodbath. If you want to see some of the most unique character interactions and potentially change the game’s outcome, go the Pacifist route in Starfield.

Background Diplomat
TraitsDream Home, Hero Worshipped, Kid Stuff
SkillsPersuasion, Intimidation, Diplomacy
WeaponsAny Non-Lethal weapon

Builds To Avoid

Now that you have seen some ideal builds for the new players let’s talk about the builds you should avoid, at least during your first run of Starfield.


A Thief build is not ideal for new players since stealing items and pick-pocketing can have negative consequences. It can lower your honor and trust among different factions, impacting your character interactions negatively.


A Trader build isn’t recommended for first-time players as it requires you to sell your valuables constantly. It is best to keep your items on you, especially those that can be used later in missions.


Cold-Hearted Killer

While not exactly a build, you can totally become a Cold-Hearted Explorer by killing NPCs in the game. We recommend against doing so for the first run of the game, as you can jeopardize certain quest lines and achievements.

That concludes our list of the best Starfield builds to try when starting out, whether you're an advanced player or a beginner. For more in-depth guides, check out our builds hub. Also, brush up on your knowledge of factions in the game so you know exactly who you may end up dealing with.

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