Starfield Pacifist Builds

a character stands in futuristic style robes with arms folded
Credit: Bethesda

a character stands in futuristic style robes with arms folded
Credit: Bethesda

One of the most fun Starfield builds is the pacifist build. These builds are some of the most fun and rewarding and have been a crucial aspect of many Bethesda RPGs, from Elder Scrolls to Fallout. A pacifist build requires players to complete the game in the most non-violent way, resolving most of the conflicts with dialogue and persuasion. If you enjoy a dialogue-heavy approach to the game, the pacifist builds in Starfield are perfect for you.

Naturally, this is easier said than done in a game with many factions and enemies to manage. However, with intelligent skill investments and charismatic dialogue choices, you can cruise around the galaxies without hurting a fly. Here is everything you need to know about the pacifist build in Starfield, including the best backgrounds, skills, and armor.

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Best Background for Pacifist Builds

best background for pacifist build in starfield
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Credit: Bethesda

Your character's background is one of the first things you will select for your ideal build. Luckily, we have the best background that fits perfectly with your pacifist run in Starfield. For your pacifist builds in Starfield, pick the Diplomat background for your character. It is ideal for players who prefer discussing a problem rather than resorting to combat.

With the Diplomat background selected, you get a boost in the following starting skills.

  • Persuasion: Increases your chances of success when it comes to speech challenges.
  • Commerce: The exact effect remains unknown, but it grants a buff to your credits.
  • Wellness: Grants you 30 points of health immediately.

Best Traits and Skills for Pacifist Builds

starfield pacifist build best traits
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Traits like Dream Home, Hero Worshipped, and Kid Stuff are the best for the pacifist build due to their non-violent and welcoming nature. Getting your companions to commit violence on your behalf is quite important, so the Extrovert trait is also excellent here.

Since you will rarely rely on combat using the pacifist builds, traits like Wanted and Alien DNA are useless as they provide damage and health boost.

starfield pacifist build best skills
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Credit: Bethesda

For the pacifist builds, you should entirely focus on building skills that will help you avoid any violent situation that can arise. Here are the ones to focus on.

  • Persuasion: Talk your way out of any scenario.
  • Stealth: Sneak behind enemy lines and avoid detection.
  • Concealment: Gain the ability to camouflage and hide in the shadows - also a bonus to EM weapons.
  • Diplomacy: Force NPCs to stop fighting.
  • Intimidation: Force NPCs to flee from you.
  • Manipulation: Force NPCs to obey your commands.
  • Negotiation: Have an easier time with bribes.
  • Instigation: Instigate enemies to fight for you.
  • Leadership: Strengthen your companions to fight for you.
  • Xenosociology: Control aliens and make them fight for you.
  • Targeting Control Systems: If you're caught in space combat, disable their engines and leave.
  • Theft: Steal keycards without having to confront anyone.
  • Security: Hack into sensitive systems to make your way through missions undetected.

Best Weapons and Armor for Pacifist Builds

As for the best pacifist weapon, a pacifist should avoid violence at all costs, so it doesn’t make sense to carry a weapon. However, there are some non-lethal options in the form of EM weapons. We suggest carrying around the following EM weapons -

  • Novalight
  • Va'ruun Starshard
  • Terror Inflictor
  • The Spacer
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You will want spacesuits and outfits that boost your stealth and speech abilities for Armour options. Armors with Chameleon ability are highly valuable, and outfits that boost your persuasion, such as the Ryujin Industries corpo suits, are also helpful. Here are some modifiers to look out for:

  • Chameleon: Blend in with surroundings.
  • Sturdy: Take reduced damage.
  • Hacker: More attempts at hacking.

Best Powers for Pacifist Builds

Some Powers are great at increasing your ability to avoid detection and calm down enemies. Here are the Powers you should prioritize -

  • Sense Star Stuff: Detect all enemies around you when sneaking.
  • Precognition: See how characters behave and react in the world and during dialogue.
  • Creator's Peace: Force enemies to disarm and stop fighting.
  • Alien Reanimation: Reanimate aliens to fight on your behalf
  • Void Form: Become nearly invisible and sneak through anything.
  • Inner Demon: Summon a mirror image of an enemy to fight each other.

That concludes our guide on the best Starfield Pacifist build, including traits, skills, weapons, armors, and powers. Check out our Starfield - Builds Hub for more information on what kind of builds to expect and take a look at the main story path.

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