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starfield ship captain companions sarah morgan and sam coe

starfield ship captain companions sarah morgan and sam coe

Starfield lets you play out your very own space fantasy, whether you want to join the Crimson Fleet and become a space pirate or join factions like the Freestar Collective and become a space cowboy. The possibilities are endless. However, another potential path you can take is the Ship Captain build in Starfield.

As the name suggests, the Ship Captain build is for players who want to live out the fantasy of commanding a crew as they venture into uncharted galaxies and planets.

What Is A Ship Captain Build?

The Ship Captain build blends in a good mix of leadership and exploration skills to become the greatest ship captain in the Settled Systems. Of course, you'll need your loyal companions and hire some handy crewmates to create your dream team for space exploration and all the space activities.

starfield standing in front of starship
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Ship captains are skilled at commanding starships in intense battles. They may lead fleets, utilize strategic tactics, and have unique ship-based abilities that give them an edge in space combat situations. You should also get mastery over advanced shipbuilding or check our list of the best ships to buy.

Best Ship Captain Background

A good background for the Ship Captain build is the Bounty Hunter. While it may seem like it could be more intuitive to an explorer, the ship captain can also lead a crew of pirate-slaying bounty hunters. The Piloting and Targeting Control Systems skills will help out when it comes to pursuing bounties in space. The Boost Pack Training is also excellent for when you have to rain down bullets from above on a Crimson Fleet base.

starfield bounty hunter background
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Another choice for a Space Captain is the Long Hauler background. While this background might seem like it could be more appealing at the start, it comes with two different piloting skills. The Piloting skill allows you greater manoeuvrability in space combat, and the Ballistic Weapon Systems will enable you to do more damage. Add the Weight Lifting skill to this, and you're ready to loot enemy ships and settlements dry.

Best Ship Captain Traits

  • Taskmaster

The Taskmaster trait allows your crew to automatically repair your ship in the middle of space combat once your ship's health falls below a certain threshold.

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  • Extrovert

Since you'll always have your trusty crew and companions around you, it makes sense to have the Extrovert trait for some quick stat boosts.

  • Hero Worshipped
starfield adoring fan companion
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Yes, he can get a little annoying, but the Adoring Fan is an excellent pack mule and early crewmate who will help you feel like a real Ship Captain with a ridiculously loyal crew. You can grab the Hero Worshipped trait and get praise from your crew.

  • Spaced

Since you'll spend much of your time in space, it makes sense to go with the Spaced trait and get some oxygen and health bonuses.

Ship Captain Skills & Abilities

As a ship captain, you must focus on having the most impressive ship in the Settled Systems. To do this, some skills are going to be essential.

  • Ship Command: Increase the number of crew members available on your ship up to 8.
  • Leadership: Companions gain stat boosts, can heal you and revive themselves. This makes combat as a crew a lot easier and more fun.
  • Starship Design: Gain access to the latest and most advanced weapon modules for your dream Starship.
  • Starship Engineering: An overall boost to your weapon recharge speed and automatic ship healing speed.
  • Targeting Control System: Target and disable enemy engines.
  • Automated Weapon Systems: An upgrade to your automated weapon systems that will make combat much easier to manage.
  • Weapon System Upgrades: Upgrades to skills like Ballistic/Energy/Missile/Particle Weapon Systems depending on how you build your ship.
  • Deception: Threaten enemy ships to surrender their goods a lot more easily.
  • Engine Systems: Boost your way out of danger and increase your ship's top speed.
  • Aneutronic Fusion: Generate extra units of power for combat.
  • Astrodynamics: Reduce Grav Jump fuel cost and increase the distance.

With these skills, you'll be an unstoppable force to be reckoned with and will have the freedom to explore and fly around any part of the Settled Systems.

Best Crewmates for Ship Captain Build

  • Sam Coe: Sam's Rank 4 Piloting skill and Rank 2 Payloads make him great for piloting and increasing your cargo storage.
starfield sam coe crewmate
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  • Barrett: Barret's Rank 4 Starship Engineering and Rank 3 Particle Beam Weapons Systems allow quicker health recovery and increased damage.
starfield crew mate barrett
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  • VASCO: All three of VASCO's skills, Rank 1 Anuetronic Fusion and EM Weapons Systems and Rank 2 Shield Systems, are geared towards Starship piloting, making him a highly valuable companion.
starfield crew member VASCO
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  • Marika Boros: Rank 1 Particle Beam Weapon Systems, alongside some handy Ballistics skills, make her great for both Starship and on-the-ground combat.
starfield crew member marika boros
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  • Gideon Akter: With Rank 2 in Ballistic and Missile Weapon Systems, Gideon is an excellent addition to any ship using these weapon systems.
  • Sarah Morgan: Rank 4 Astrodynamics and Leadership make Sarah Morgan an excellent companion to grav jump quickly and get emergency heals.
starfield sarah morgan companion
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  • Adoring Fan: He doesn't really bring anything to the table, but he's a free and easy-to-access crewmate.

With these crewmates by your side, you can be prepared to take on any encounter, no matter how tough. Lead your small militia into battle and defeat enemies that dare challenge you.

Best Weapons for Ship Captain Build

There is no hard and fast rule for what kinds of weapons you should have as a Ship Captain in Starfield. You can be any kind of captain you'd like. However, we suggest you look at our list of the best weapons in Starfield to pick a category that suits your fancy. While you're at it, also take a look at the best Spacesuits for every stage in the game.

That's all you need to know about creating the ultimate ship captain build in Starfield. While you're here, check out our best builds for pacifists, thieves and even the Mandalorian!

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