Starfield Stealth Builds

A close-up of a silenced, futuristic pistol.
Credit: Bethesda

A close-up of a silenced, futuristic pistol.
Credit: Bethesda

This guide will explain how to create the best stealth builds in Starfield. These builds are designed for players who prefer to complete missions and quests while remaining undetected and silent. Think of it as a space Sam Fisher or Solid Snake build.

Stealth is only the best option in Starfield if you're willing to go the extra mile to set it up correctly. This can take some effort, but it's worth all the hassle once you get the Stealth Build up and running. Today, we'll teach you exactly how to do that.

Best Background for Stealth Builds

Starfield's character creation screen, showing the Cyber Runner background
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Credit: Bethesda
The Stealth skill that comes with Cyber Runner will be essential

Choosing a background in Starfield will determine your character’s origin story and give you three starting skills. You can only pick one background, each providing a character with three skills and certain interactions with NPCs.

The Cyber Runner background is the most fitting choice for a stealth-oriented playthrough. As with all backgrounds in Starfield, this one provides distinct dialogue options and equips you with three initial skills.

  • We have Stealth, a skill that enhances your sneak attack damage when using suppressed weaponry and makes you harder to detect.
  • Security, giving you the expertise to crack codes, override security protocols, and pick locks. Avoid detections and find secret routes.
  • The third skill is Theft, which further hones your character's adeptness in pick-pocketing attempts. Being able to steal keycards means you don't have to let enemies know you were there.

Best Traits and Skills for Stealth Builds

Starfield's character creation screen, showing the introvert trait
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The most suitable trait for Stealth builds in Starfield is likely the Introvert trait. This trait enhances your endurance while journeying solo but reduces it when in the company of other individuals. Other suggestions include the Kids Stuff trait, as it's a great trait to have, but if you don't like parents and want to feel like Batman, get your own house/hideout with the Dream Home trait.

Traits are not permanent, and if a particular trait doesn't align well with your play style, you can always get rid of it later.

When considering skills, focus on selecting abilities to help you remain undetected and deal serious damage from the shadows.

  • Stealth: Stealth to help you hide from enemies and gain sneak attack damage.
  • Concealment: You no longer set off mines and gain even more sneak attack damage.
  • Security: Hack into locks and guarded systems.
  • Theft: Steal keycards and quietly infiltrate restricted areas.
  • Manipulation: Puppet enemies and make them do your bidding.
  • Marksmanship: Increase critical hit chances.
  • Weapon Engineering: Get suppressor mods to silence your guns.
  • Sharpshooting: Increases critical hit damage.
  • Armor Penetration: Increases damage dealt through armor to tanky enemies.
  • Lasers: If you opt for the stealth lasers route.
  • Isolation: Increased weapon damage and damage resistance when operating alone.
  • Gymnastics: Move around and mantle faster to reposition and relocate.

Be sure to learn how to max stealth skills quickly.

Best Weapons and Armor for Stealth Builds

A close up of a suppressed futuristic pistol
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Credit: Bethesda
They'll never hear it coming

If you go for true stealth, suppressed weapons will be your bread and butter. Luckily, many weapons allow you to add mods to suppress their bullets. The weapon must be suppressed to get the Sneak Attack modifier bonus. You can even add stealth lasers on top of your laser rifles if you feel like it. Here are our recommendations for the best Stealth weapons.


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  • Old Earth Hunting Rifle: An accessible but powerful early-game sniper which can have a suppressor added on top.
  • MagSniper: The most powerful sniper but does not have the option for a suppressor. Available at shops only at high levels.

Laser Weapons

  • Equinox: Add silenced lasers to your Equinox and watch it be your best friend.
  • Orion: A stronger variant of the Equinox with the option for stealth lasers.
  • Solstice: Your trusty silenced laser pistol for those weaker enemies.
  • Unmitigated Violence: The boss weapon you get for beating The Hunter comes with Stealth Lasers

Best Stealth Spacesuits

Getting your hands on the Operative Spacesuit from the Ryujin Industries questline will help out a lot as it has some great stealth perks. It would be best if you also were on the lookout for the following spacesuit modifiers:

  • Chameleon: Blend with the environment while sneaking and not moving.
  • Hacker: +2 max auto attempts that can be banked while hacking.
  • Peacemaker: Rifles do 10% more damage.
  • Headhunter: Deals +25% damage on the next attack after hitting a target's head.

Best Powers for Stealth Builds

Here are the best Powers to use while employing a stealth build.

Sense Star Stuff: Mark the enemies in your vicinity

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