Starfield - Infinite Credits Glitch

starfield infinite credit glitch trade authority vendor

starfield infinite credit glitch trade authority vendor

Credits are the universally accepted currency across the Settled Systems in Starfield. Whether you're fishing for ship upgrades, the best weapons, or just stocking up on resources, you'll need a lot of Credits. If you're looking for a quick fix to your Credit woes, we have you covered with infinite Credit glitches in Starfield.

Yes, there are multiple credit glitches in Starfield that you can exploit. These differ from Credit farming methods as they rely on in-game bugs to work. Bethesda might eventually patch them out. So, learn how to get infinite credits in Starfield quickly.

Starfield OOB Credit Glitch

The out-of-bound Credit glitch is an older method that can grant you 10,000 Credits and some cool gear in just 10 minutes. However, this method requires you to have Boost Pack and upgrade it to Boost Pack Training Rank 2. Once you have that, you’re all set. Just follow the steps described below.

  • Travel to the Neon Core in the Neon City and find the Trade Authority shop.
starfield trade authority symbol
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  • Use your boost pack to climb the yellow Trade Authority sign board and make your way to the right of the building.
  • Now, wait for your Boost Pack fuel to recharge before boosting yourself to the platform on the right that’s blocked by an invisible wall.
  • Once you’re at the highest point of the building, boost yourself forward to jump on the narrow ledge in front.
  • Finally, go to the building on the right and travel the narrow rooftop until you reach the end.
starfield trade authority store rooftop
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  • Look to the left and jump down. Make sure you use the Boost Pack just before hitting the ground.
  • You will find yourself underneath a transparent ceiling containing three chests up for looting.
starfield vendor chests hidden out of bounds for infinite credits
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  • Now, just loot all the valuables inside those chests and fast-travel out of there to get inside the game’s bounds. You can also try jumping up the ceiling to reach inside the building.
  • Finally, sell items to any vendors nearby and earn Credits for your hard work.

Starfield Puddle Glitches


As of September 25, the puddle glitch no longer works, as Bethesda released a patch removing this glitch.

However, for preservation and historical record, here is how the method worked -

If you know what you're supposed to do, the puddle glitch for infinite money is extremely easy to pull off. You can follow the steps given below to exploit this puddle method and stack up on unlimited credits in Starfield.

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  • Reach the doorway of Shepherd’s, turn around, and walk out towards the electrical box opposite the Shepherd’s store doorway.
starfield shepherd's store power box
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  • Turn around again towards the Shepherd’s doorway and see the two small puddles on the ground.
  • Crouch and slowly move towards the right puddle. Look into the puddle until you see the Emerson Shepherd Supplies’ overlay.
starfield puddle exploit for infinite credits
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  • Now, you can steal all the items shown in the supplies overlay, which include 5,000 Credits and other goods worth about 40,000.
  • The goodies you loot this way don’t count as stolen goods or contraband so you can sell them to Shepherds or other vendors inside the city.
  • Moreover, you can also buy items from Shepherd’s and then do the Puddle glitch again to get back the money you used to purchase items from him.

Remember that Shepherd’s items re-stock every 48 hours, so you’ll need to pass the time before repeating the Puddle glitch.

There are two more locations where you can use this exploit. One is outside the Hitching Post near Shepherd’s, which grants you 1,200 Credits and some low-cost items. The other is next to the Rowland Arms stairs, which net you 4,500 Credits and some of the best weapons.

As mentioned above - this glitch has sadly been patched.

Those are the Starfield infinite credit glitches you can exploit in your game without affecting your achievement progress. Also, learn how to get the Almagest jackpot and the Mantis suit.

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