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A cosmonaut heads off for adventure
Credit: Bethesda

A cosmonaut heads off for adventure
Credit: Bethesda

You have come to the right place if you want a guide on Starfield Ryujin Industries. This megacorporation is one of the many factions in the game, and our guide will cover all the essential information about it, from the process of joining them to the group's history and known members.

Being one of the most mysterious factions in the game, Starfield players are curious to learn everything about it. So, without further delay, let's delve into the details about the Ryujin Industries faction.

How to join the Starfield Ryujin Industries faction

You can join the Starfield Ryujin Industries faction by applying for a job at their headquarters in Neon City. You can do this by interacting with their Kiosk in New Atlantis pretty early on in Starfield. You'll be put through a job interview. You don't need to worry about the answers, as whatever you say will get you hired and invited to Neon for grunt work, which makes for some pretty funny social commentary.

According to the lead quest designer, this is one of the best starts of all Starfield’s factions.

Starfield Ryujin Industries Location

neon city starfield
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The location of Starfield Ryujin Industries is Neon City, which is on the water planet of Volii Alpha in the Volii system. Neon City is a pleasure city that attracts tourists and thrill-seekers with its nightlife and entertainment options. The headquarters of Starfield Ryujin Industries is a lavish building that showcases their wealth and power.

The City of Neon is a striking contrast between the vibrant colors and bright lights that decorate the cityscape and the murky, contaminated waters surrounding it. Within this metropolis, one can find a plethora of neon signs, holograms, bustling casinos, lively clubs, bars, and hotels.

The city is split into districts and zones—each with its unique atmosphere and cultural identity. Neon City also hosts an array of gangs, factions, and intriguing characters with whom you can interact.

Starfield Ryujin Industries Quests and Rewards

The Ryujin Industries questline is one of the major faction quests in Starfield that sees you rise the corporate ladder and decide the fate of one of the most powerful corporations in the Settled Systems. The path to the top is lined with grunt work, espionage and taking part in the dirty side of the corporate world.

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You will need to prove your skills and loyalty as a corporate employee and complete various tasks for the company. However, this quest is ultimately quite rewarding if you want to farm credits.

Check out our complete guide and breakdown of the Ryujin Industries Questline and rewards.

Starfield Ryujin Industries History

The faction focuses on pharmaceutical products, as they operate in Neon City, which was once a fishing dock that discovered the psychotropic properties of the local fish. They're in a technology war against Infinity LTD, a rival corporation trying to steal the secrets of their Neuroamp technology.

Ryujin Industries is working on an Internal Neuroamp to boost users' mental capabilities. However, it can also control a person's free will. This leads to several moral and ethical dilemmas during the Ryujin Industries storyline.

Known Members of Starfield Ryujin Industries

Here are some of the most important members of Ryujin Industries.

Masako Imada

Masako Imada is the CEO of Ryujin Industries, and you get to meet her after you've made progress and stumbled upon the secret information regarding their latest project. She'll be very thankful for your loyalty to the corporation if you support her endeavours.

starfield ryujin npc masako imada
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Masako is a strong proponent of diplomacy, ethical choices, and intelligent decision-making. She'll handle your top-secret quests after you progress in the Ryujin questline. Siding with her can lead to positive results for the corporation.

Imogene Salzo

Imogen Salzo is the senior operations specialist at Ryujin Industries and occupies a high position in the upper echelons of this mega corp. She'll be the first Ryujin NPC you interact with when you give your job interview and will be the person who hires you for work.

Starfield Ryujin Industries known members
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She'll be in charge of handling most of your missions and giving you the rewards for completing them. During the questline, you choose her fate after deliberating on the mole in Ryujin Industries.

Ularu Chen

Ularu Chen is a cunning and ambitious woman who has made her way to the top ranks of Ryujin Industries. She is on the board of directors and is next in line for the corporation's CEO position.

starfield ryujin npc ularu chen
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Her questline and missions involve a more combat-heavy approach where you take down your competition by any means necessary. She can be considered a poster child for the ruthless profit-oriented corporate world of Neon City.


Dalton is the head of security at Ryujin Industries and plays a vital role in deciding the corporation's fate once you figure out who the mole is.

starfield ryujin npc dalton
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He plays an integral role in solving the security breach and helping you find incriminating evidence against the mole in Ryujin Industries.

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