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starfield spacesuit various angles

starfield spacesuit various angles

It's no secret that the Settled Systems are teeming with threats. From murderous Spacers to hostile wildlife and even the environment, anything and everything can try to kill you. This is why protecting yourself with a good spacesuit in Starfield is essential to your survival. Today, we'll be looking at some of the best spacesuits in Starfield.

We'll cover the best Starfield spacesuits at various points of your journey. We have a list from the best early-game and mid-game spacesuits to the best endgame spacesuits. We'll also discuss how you can make farming good spacesuit parts easier on yourself. So keep reading for a comprehensive guide on getting the best spacesuits in Starfield.

How to Get the Best Spacesuits in Starfield

Before we get on with our list of the best readily available Spacesuits in Starfield, we'd like to mention that there is a way to farm legendary Spacesuits. Legendary Spacesuit parts can drop from Legendary enemies, which are extra tricky variants of regular enemies. You can play on a higher difficulty to increase your odds of getting legendary Spacesuit parts. (Just one of our list of tips and tricks.)

They have a random chance of dropping Legendary Spacesuit parts with randomized stats and modifiers. However, if you save before facing a Legendary enemy, you can retry that save until you get a Spacesuit part you like.

Best Spacesuits in Starfield

Now let's get on with our list of the best Spacesuits in Starfield that will give you the best performance throughout various stages of the game.

Best Early Game Spacesuits

There are a couple of Spacesuits you can get your hands on early on to make your life much easier.

  • Mantis Spacesuit
starfield mantis armor set
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The Legendary Mantis Spacesuit is an odd-looking spacesuit and has a peculiar design. However, nobody can deny its usefulness and accessibility, especially early on in Starfield. Learn how to solve the Mantis quest and get your hands on the Mantis Spacesuit. Note that the modifiers on this spacesuit will be assigned at random, and you can reload before entering the Mantis hideout to re-roll them.

  • Gran-Gran’s Marine armor
starfield gran gran's spacesuit stats
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A gift that you can receive if you have the Kid's Stuff trait when you start. While it's not on par with the legendary Mantis spacesuit, getting this spacesuit for free early on can make a big difference in your survivability. You can always add mods and upgrades to make it even stronger.

Best Mid Game Spacesuits

  • Mark I Spacesuit
starfield mark I space helmet and suit
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The Mark I spacesuit is meant to be a mid-game spacesuit. It's located in the basement of The Lodge in New Atlantis. You need Security level 3 to get your hands on this exceptionally well-balanced spacesuit with very high defensive stats that will last you through most of the game. However, there's a way to get it fairly early on. Learn how to get the Mark I spacesuit early.

Best Late Game Armor Sets

starfield starborn materia spacesuit
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The best spacesuits in Starfield are the Starborn spacesuits. This class of spacesuits only becomes available after you complete your first playthrough and enter new game plus. Each subsequent completion and loop into another new game plus will upgrade your spacesuit up to ten times.

  • Starborn spacesuit Astra
  • Starborn spacesuit Avitus
  • Starborn spacesuit Bellum
  • Starborn spacesuit Gravitas
  • Starborn spacesuit Locus
  • Starborn spacesuit Materia
  • Starborn spacesuit Solis
  • Starborn spacesuit Tempus
  • Starborn spacesuit Tenebris
  • Starborn spacesuit Venator

That concludes our list of the best spacesuits in Starfield through the early, mid and lategame. While you're here, also check our list of the best weapons and best planets for building outposts.

As always, stick with us at Starfield Portal for more Starfield!

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