Starfield - Mark 1 Spacesuit

mark 1 spacesuit with a galactic backdrop

mark 1 spacesuit with a galactic backdrop

Starfield has its fair share of spacesuits, a bit of an obvious statement with its main selling point being space. These spacesuits act as your armor in the game and can provide different bonuses to the player. Early on armor is weak; getting your hands on the Mark 1 space suit early would be pretty lovely then, eh?

Let us look at the Mark 1 spacesuit in Starfield and exactly how to access it during the first few missions.

Constellation and The Lodge

Meeting Barrett on Vectera is an encounter that will introduce you to the Constellation group. These explorers are seemingly relics of the past themselves, continuing mankind's journey into the unknown that many others have left behind long ago.

Front door of the lodge
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Their HQ, The Lodge, is located in New Atlantis on the planet Jemison. This secret society-like building is a great starting base for you before you start setting up your own outposts and bases. The basement has a variety of crafting workstations strewn around, letting you get to grips with the in-depth creation side of things early on.

The basement of The Lodge also houses another helpful item - the Mark 1 spacesuit. Before following these steps, make sure to complete the mission One Small Step first.

How to find The Mark 1 Spacesuit

  • The Mark 1 Spacesuit is located in the basement of the building; head right then through the open door under the stairs in the lobby of The Lodge.
arrow pointing to the open basement door
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  • Follow the stairs down to the room with the crafting stations.
arrow pointing down the steps
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  • Turn left and pass through to the next room, where you will see a ladder.
arrow indicating the next room in the basement
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  • Take a right here into the room marked with a blue 'clean up' poster.
Barrett standing in doorway of basement lodge
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  • Walk straight ahead into the next room.
arrow pointing into the next room of the basement
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  • The Mark 1 Spacesuit will be on your left in a locked display case.
The Mark 1 spacesuit in a glass display case
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Now that you have located the Mark 1 Spacesuit let's liberate it from its glass prison, shall we?

How to Get the Mark 1 Spacesuit

Usually, you'd need to level up your skills before attempting to pick a master lock (Security skill level 3). However, there's a way to reach the mannequin without unlocking the door.

circle indicating a gap in the display case
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Go into first-person mode and slowly align your viewpoint with a narrow gap in the door, then shift your reticle up and down within the gap until it hovers over the mannequin's arm, triggering the interaction prompt.

Take all the pieces from the mannequin and equip them to have a better suit to continue your mission. The specs of the Mark 1 Spacesuit are far above what you will probably have at this stage of the game.

character wearing the mark 1 space suit
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The Mark 1 Spacesuit will give you the edge when facing any opposing faction or any hostile creatures you may encounter. What are you waiting for? Go and grab yourself the suit, and hopefully, you didn't miss the instigating kraken on Vectera that pairs really nicely with it.

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