Starfield Tech Builds

Player uses mining laser
Credit: Bethesda

Player uses mining laser
Credit: Bethesda

Fancy taking the route of technology devotion in Starfield? This guide will discuss the best set-up for tech builds in the game. From turrets to robotics, we have you covered.

Here is all the info on tech builds in Starfield so far.

What Are Tech Builds in Starfield?

A ship made in the style of a mech robot
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Credit: Bethesda
Could tech builds give you better shipbuilder skills?

Tech builds will be the way to go for players looking to take a more technological path in Starfield. Using tech to combat enemies and control the battlefield is the core of this build.

You will learn skills that enhance your hacking and weapon skills and even give you access to robotics skills other builds may never see. The Tech skill tree will be where most focus goes when levelling up.

Best Backgrounds for Tech Builds

The best background we've seen for running tech builds in Starfield is the Cyberneticist. This background comes with the Lasers, Security and Medicine skills.

starfield cyberneticist background
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Advanced weaponry uses lasers, and the Cyberneticist can fully use the damage buff from the Laser skill.

Security helps you bypass advanced systems and locks to enter any stronghold, and medicine keeps your human side healthy.

This build combines its robotic and human sides in harmony. This build can feel weak initially, but once you have your weapons and skills sorted, nothing can stop you from burning down all your enemies.

Best Traits and Skills for Tech Builds

The tech skill tree
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Credit: Bethesda
Getting the tech skill tree maxed is key

Traits are optional in Starfield and can even be removed later by the player if they can figure out how to remove them. For making tech builds, we recommend staying away from the known traits and focusing on building your skill tree.

The only trait we can recommend for the Cyberneticist would be Wanted, as it can give you a significant damage buff at low health. However, beware that it might lead to unnecessary encounters with bounty hunters.

Here is a list of the best skills to have as a Cyberneticist relying primarily on their tech skills:

  • Wellness: Combat might take longer due to the nature of Laser weapons. It would be best if you had more HP.
  • Security: Hack into any system you want like a true citizen of the future.
  • Lasers: Make yourself lethal with futuristic laser weaponry. Burn them all at the highest rank.
  • Rifle Certification: Make your laser rifles even more lethal.
  • Robotics: You can force robots to obey your will at the highest level.
  • Boost Pack Training: Master the boost pack and fly across the terrain and battlefield.
  • Fitness: A real robot does not need oxygen.
  • Chemistry: Make powerful chemicals and drugs to enhance your performance.
  • Armor Penetration: Laser weapons might seem lacking in damage, but not anymore.
  • Energy Weapon Systems: Boost your starship's energy weapon capabilities.
  • Particle Beam Weapon Systems:
  • Automated Weapon Systems: Enhance your ship's automated turrets, making them even more lethal.

The reasoning for many of these skill choices is that tech builds will be tough early on, relying heavily on stealth tactics. However, these skills will boost your hacking skills to progress to higher tiers.

Level up your character, and you will soon be able to hack into most systems, keep yourself healthy, and your laser weapons will pack enough of a punch to take down most enemies like an actual cyborg.

Best Tech Weapons

Tech builds will rely mainly on laser pistols and rifles. Getting your hands on energy weapons and laser-based technology is key. The most accessible laser weapons early on are the Equinox and The Orion.

Starfield cyberneticist best weapon brawler's equinox
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Once the upper tiers of the Tech skill tree have been reached, you will gain access to weapon systems skills that will see you gain an advantage during shootouts. At this point, you will want to get either the Assassin's Equinox or the Brawler's Equinox, depending on your play style. Modify your Equinox and Orion until you get endgame weapons from the final boss.

We suggest using a laser pistol like the Solstice or Ember for your sidearm. You can obtain the Ember from the quest, Top Secret.

cyberneticist beast weapon solstice
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By mid-game, you will also be able to gain control of turrets and robots, giving you another lethal string to your bow. Prioritize modifications such as ignition beams on your laser weapons for a burst of damage. Check out all the Laser and EM weapons in Starfield.

Tech Builds Best Armor

Starfield's Armors have an RNG to their traits and abilities. Go for the highest stats, but keep on the lookout for the following traits -

  • Auto Medic: Automatically use a Medpack whenever your health is low.
  • Hacker: Extra hacking attempts.
  • Analyzer: Extra damage to scanned targets.
  • Mechanized: Extra carry capacity.
  • Armor Plated: Reduced damage of all types
  • Sentinel: Reduce damage by 50% when standing still.

You can check our armor guide if you want specific, powerful early-game armors.

To summarise, play stealthier early in the game, gradually gaining experience and levelling that skill tree till it is maxed out. Then, you can start having fun and utilize all sorts of tech tricks to gain the upper hand. It takes a while to set up, but this build is very powerful once you have it set up.

If all this tech talk has gotten a bit much, why not switch it up and try a demolition or sniper build?

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