Starfield - Best Weapons

starfield best weapons list weapon crosshair

starfield best weapons list weapon crosshair

Starfield offers you a variety of unique weapons to discover in the game. Some of these weapons can make any combat engagement look like a walk in the park. So, here is a list of the best weapons in Starfield.

Starfield's weapons can be categorized based on the weapon or damage type. These damage types are ballistic, laser, and particle beam. Moreover, when selecting a good gun, you should look for the base damage and fire rate. With that in mind, let’s check each category's best weapons in Starfield.

Best Weapons in Starfield

Since Starfield has many different types of weapons, we have listed two of the best from each category. Try acquiring each weapon on this list to maximize the strength of your arsenal.

Best Pistols

  • Keelhauler: One of the strongest weapons in the game, this legendary pistol deals 83 physical damage. It can be obtained by completing the Deep Cover quest that is unlocked after you peacefully surrender to the UC faction.
starfield best pistols keelhauler
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  • Deadeye : Another solid pistol in the game is Deadeye, dealing the physical damage of 61. With a slick, beautifully crafted design, you need to join the Freestar Collective faction and finish the Job Gone Wrong mission to acquire this revolver.
starfield best weapons deadeye pistol
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Best Rifles

  • Lawgiver: One of the best long-range rifles you can obtain in the game, Lawgiver is an absolute killing machine with insane stats all over. It can be purchased from the weapon store or as a free drop from Spacers.
starfield best weapons lawgiver rifle
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  • Eternity’s Gate: A legendary rifle with particle beam damage, you want this gun on you due to its high laser resistance. Trigger the death of The Emissary during the Revelation mission, and you get to keep his weapon, Eternity’s Gate.
starfield best weapons eternity's gate rifle
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Best Shoguns

  • Coachman: A futuristic-style shotgun that deals 52 damage and obliterates enemies at a close range, Coachman is a must-have addition to your gear. You can buy this shotgun in the Trade Authorities or get it as a free drop when defeating Spacers.
starfield best weapons coachman shotgun
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  • Experiment A-7: With a ridiculously high damage of 119, Experiment A-7 packs a serious punch. You can own this insane weapon during the story mission Entangled when security guard Ethan gives it to you.
starfield best weapons experiment a-7 shotgun
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Best Heavy Weapons

  • Heller's Cutter: A rare heavy weapon with multiple functionalities, Heller’s Cutter is a must-have for your collection. It can be obtained early in the game by reaching the Argos Extractors Mining Post during the Back to Vectera mission. It is found outside the communications building.
  • N67: Another early-game heavy weapon, N67, has an unbelievably high fire rate. Equip the armor-piercing weapon mod on it and mow down anything that moves. You can buy this heavy smart-gun in New Atlantis.
starfield best weapons n67 heavy weapon
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Best Melee Weapons

  • Tanto: An extremely lightweight and minimalistic weapon, Tanto is a deadly knife you need to add to your arsenal. It can be acquired from Rowland Arms on the Akila planet.
starfield best weapons tanto melee weapon
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  • The Last Priest: This rare melee weapon deals substantial physical damage and inflicts random status effects on the enemies. You can get The Last Priest during the side mission, Infinity’s End.
starfield best weapons the last priest melee weapon
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That concludes our list of the best weapons in Starfield. These were our choices for Starfield’s best weapons in every category. We’ll keep updating this guide as we discover fantastic new weapons. Meanwhile, you can check out our best starting builds and advanced shipbuilding guide.

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