Adoring Fan

The adoring fan is a returning NPC from Oblivion and will give you new gifts every now and then. Only downside is that he's kinda annoying.

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Adoring Fan
  • Companiontrue
  • Romanceable
  • LocationJemison
  • Crew Membertrue

Adoring Fan Bio

The Adoring Fan is an optional NPC available to the player with the Hero Worshipped trait. He will follow you around and give you gifts and resources he scavenges

“By Vectera! By Vectera! By Vectera! Is it really, really you?”

“I can’t believe I get to stand near you, breathing the same air! I’ve got to have every molecule.”

Voiced by Craig Sechler


  • Weight lifting (rank 2)
  • Scavenging (rank 1)
  • Concealment (rank 1)


  • New Atlantis


  • Jemison



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