Meet Vasco, named after famed explorer Vasco de Gama and Constellation's faithful robot! Constellation members are like a family to Vasco, and he does his best to bond with them and help in any way possible.

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Vasco Bio

The first companion you may encounter is Starfield’s Vasco, a friendly utility robot from the Constellation faction that accompanies you on your travels. Vasco is a modified expeditionary robot that was originally built by Lunar Robotics.

While his primary objective is to be a utility robot who helps with exploration, VASCO also comes with an attached rifle with laser sights. He'll carry his own weight when it comes to combat with hostiles.

Voiced by Jake Green


  • Not confirmed yet


Constellation headquarters




  • While nothing has been confirmed yet, there is potential for Bethesda to introduce a romance option for VASCO similar to Julie from Fallout 4.

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