The Payloads skill is an Advanced Tech Skill that improves your ability to carry more cargo. Any pilot can haul cargo, but it takes special determination and training to maximize cargo space.

Last Updated 06 Aug 2023 at 11:10 am GMT
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  • Typetech
  • Tieradvanced

What does Payloads do?

  • It improves your ability to carry more cargo.

What are the ranks for Payloads skill?

  • There are currently no ranks for this skill and it cannot be levelled up at this time.

Are there challenges to complete for this skill?

  • There are no challenges at this time.

What build does Payloads work best with?

  • Ranged build: A ranged build focuses on fighting with weapons that can be used from a distance. This includes payloads, as well as other weapons such as lasers and railguns. A ranged build is a good choice for players who want to stay out of harm's way and deal damage from a safe distance.
  • Explosives build: An explosives build focuses on using explosives to destroy enemies and structures. Payloads can be used to create more powerful explosives, which can make you a more effective explosives user.
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