Sam Coe

Sam Coe, an excellent pilot and even better dad! Having a strong sense of frontier justice, Sam believes that if helping someone means breaking the rules, so be it

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Sam Coe
  • Romanceabletrue
  • LocationAkila City
  • Crew Membertrue
  • Companiontrue

Sam Coe Bio

Sam Coe used to be a space cowboy operating within the Freestar Collective. However, those days are now behind him as he works with the Constellation. Sam has been shown to be a skilled pilot and a quick-draw combatant, perfect for a Wild West-styled crew.

Voiced by Elias Toufexis


  • Piloting – Rank 4
  • Rifle Certification – Rank 3
  • Payloads – Rank 2
  • Geology – Rank 1


Akila City


Akila in the Cheyenne System




Yes, Sam Coe is a romanceable character in Starfield. Your interactions with him and actions around him can result in a romantic relationship between him and the player character. We'll update this guide with the exact steps and requirements for that.

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