Vectera is a moon of the planet Anselom in the Settled Systems. It is a rocky world with a thin atmosphere and a gravity that is slightly lower than Earth's. The surface of Vectera is covered in craters and mountains, and there is no liquid water on the surface. Vectera is home to a variety of life, including a number of unique creatures that have adapted to the harsh environment. The most notable of these creatures are the Vecteran Wargs, which are large, bipedal predators that are known for their intelligence and ferocity.

Last Updated 11 Aug 2023 at 21:34 pm GMT
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What is the closest Moon to Vectera?

There is no information on this yet.

Does Vectera have resources?

At this time we cannot say whether this moon has resources or not

How do I get to Vectera?

There is no information on how to get to this moon at this time

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