New Todd Howard Interview With GQ

Todd Howard at gamescom
Credit: gamescom

Todd Howard at gamescom
Credit: gamescom

Finding new information on Starfield before launch like panning for gold, is both exciting and rewarding simultaneously. Todd Howard has sat with GQ Magazine and has given us a little morsel previously unrevealed. Starfield will have a form of New Game Plus!

How this will play out in the game itself, and what it could feature are at present, unknown. For now, as we patiently wait out the last days before launch, let's take a look at Todd Howard's Starfield GQ interview.

Todd Howard

The main man behind the successful Elder Scrolls, Fallout and now Starfield franchises is none other than Todd Howard. He leads the team at Bethesda Game Studios and guides them towards his vision.

Todd Howard being interviewed
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Credit: Lex Fridman

His drive and passion oozes from the virtual pores of his award-winning games, and the sacrifices he has made to produce these epic experiences are highlighted in his Starfield GQ interview:

He casts back to 2008, when the team were in the midst of finishing Fallout 3. His family – Kim and his two young sons – were going on holiday without him. “My wife was saying goodbye to me,” he says. “It still sticks with me.”

What did she say?

“This game better be really good.”

Missing precious time with a young family is a huge personal sacrifice, this only exemplifies a portion of how much Todd gives to bring us these unrivalled adventures. The interview can be read in full here, and is a fascinating insight into the man himself and what he has to go through to make his games match his vision.

New Game Plus

Bethesda has always allowed players to continue their story even after the main quest is complete. The idea of an endless game gets even closer to reality with each new release.

An explorer looks at a ringed planet
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Credit: Bethesda

Starfield will be a massive game regardless, with all the cities to visit and planets to explore, the existence of a New Game Plus mode was brought up during the interview:

"It gives you the flexibility and options to carve out a unique identity, and even adds a unique and exciting twist on New Game+ to incentivise continued and repeat play."

What this means for Starfield's New Game Plus is unknown at this time. It could very well be the start of a new quest to explore the whole galaxy, or perhaps it is more of a traditional New Game Plus that allows earned skills to be carried over to a brand-new game.

Whatever the case may be, we will find out soon when Starfield launches in early access on September 1. While you are here, get ready for Starfield by checking out our beginner's guide, or brush up on your knowledge of the Enlightened faction.

For all things Starfield, stick with us at Starfield Portal.

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