Starfield Player Discovers It’s Possible to Build Outposts on Water

kevin costner waterworld

kevin costner waterworld

Outpost building is central to the experience in Starfield, Bethesda’s most successful open-world RPG yet. With an outpost, you can establish a base on far-flung planets to set up storage, manufacturing, or living facilities.

Most users prefer to build their outposts on dry land, but one player found out that extending the boundaries of your outpost towards water is also possible.

Taking advantage of this, Redditor Caliartist built a pier and extended his living spaces towards the middle of the water, which means he enjoys breathtaking seafront views each time he visits this outpost.

outpost built on water
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Credit: Reddit/Caliartist

In addition, this user built his home away from home with panoramic windows so that he sees the water and the horizon everywhere he turns. The effect is purely aesthetic, but it certainly makes for a relaxing getaway from all that exploration that the player does every day in Starfield.

Caliartist didn’t mention if he used a mod to construct his outpost.

starborn ship in space
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Credit: Nexus Mods

Speaking of mods, it will be an exciting week for players as modders release new creations. For instance, players can travel faster from one planet to another within their star systems with a new mod by 105gun.

Uploaded to Nexus Mods, the mod allows you to assign hotkeys that will enable you to shift gears and make your ship travel faster within star systems. These hotkeys can speed up and slow down while space traveling. The modder said you can travel up to 100 times the speed of light.

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Credit: X/RebsGaming

An upcoming mod will replace the scientist Barrett with Johnny Depp’s Captain Jack Sparrow. Since Barrett is a romance option, players can romance Jack Sparrow when this mod comes out.

This mod will also bring Overwatch’s Bastion, Thomas the Tank Engine, and Davy Jones into the game.

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