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starfield secret outfits

starfield secret outfits

Starfield has a decent amount of standard clothing to find in the universe. Both spacesuit sets and standard clothes can be obtained in many different ways. Sometimes, what is on offer doesn't let you express your personality fully, so let's fix that. You don't want to spend your whole playthrough in the dirty Argos mining gear, do you?

In this guide, we will show you the most exclusive outfits in Starfield and where to find them!

Operative Suit

This stealthy piece of clothing grants you the perk of being 25% harder to detect. It is convenient for getting through some missions where a slightly quieter approach is more appropriate. First, head to Neon in the Volli system to get this sleek, stealthy look.

operative suit starfield
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Now head right to Ryujin Industries HQ and begin their quest line. Progress through their missions until you reach one called Sabotage. After obtaining the Overseer program and deciding how to infiltrate Infinity Ltd, you will receive the Operative Suit and Operative Helmet.

Starfield Swimsuit

Who doesn't want some fresh poolside attire to wear around their ship? This outfit can be worn by the player or even given to companions. To get this fresh summer look, head first to the Porrima system. You want to land at the Paradiso holiday resort on Porrima 2.

swimsuit starfield
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You can run straight from the landing pad past the resort to the beach. There is a small hut there; head inside, and there will be some lockers to the right that contain a swimsuit. To obtain even more swimsuits for giving out to your crew, run out of the hut and straight across from there are some stairs; up the stairs and to the left is another round hut with lockers just inside to the right that contain another swimsuit.

Monster Costume

What better way to scare away your enemies than with this 'terrifying' monster outfit? To get the suit, head to the Sol System first, go to the moon of Saturn, Titan and choose to land at New Homestead.

starfield monster costume
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Make your way down through the base and locate the clinic on the bottom level; talk to Dr. Giuliana Lakota there once inside. Choose the 'You really don't seem to like the tourists' conversation option, then 'Sounds frustrating. I wish there was something I could do' and lastly, pick 'I'll do it'. She absolutely hates tourists and gives you the monster costume to go and scare them away. After completing the mission, the doctor will tell you to do it a few more times, and you can keep the costume. Find a bed and sleep for 48 hours, scare some more tourists and repeat till the outfit is yours!

Disciples Outfits

This may be cheating, as there is more than one, but the Disciples gang have some cool-looking gear. To grab yourself a set (or two), set a course for the Volli system, and land on Neon.

disciples streetwear starfield
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You may be able to find some Disciples hanging around Ebbside, but there is a quick way to guarantee you find them. Head to Madam Sauvages bar in Ebbside and talk to Andreja Sandoval to begin working with the Strikers gang. The first mission will see you taking on the Disciples, and when you have dealt with them, loot their bodies to swipe an outfit. There are a few variations, but they all look really cool. Following this quest line, you will also receive the Strikers Maskwear (another great outfit).

NASA Lab Uniform

One for the science geeks out there - The NASA Lab Uniform can make your roleplaying dreams of being a member of NASA come true! Travel to the Sol System and head to Earth to find this lab uniform. Land at the NASA Launch Tower and head inside.

nasa lab uniform starfield
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You may be best getting this outfit on your visit here during the Main Quests; the Mercury Spacesuit can also be grabbed here. Head through the old abandoned base until you find some lockers - the lab coat should be inside one of these or on a bench nearby. Another way to source a NASA Lab Uniform is by exploring the random caves on planets and finding one in a crate.

Equip Companion Clothing

If you would like your companion to wear the same gear that you are wearing, speak to them, select the 'Let's trade gear' option, and then give them the apparel you want them to wear.

sam coe swimsuit
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Afterwards, head into their inventory on the same trade screen, go to the item and press Y on Xbox or the B key on PC to equip them with your new matching threads.

And that about does it for the best outfits we have found in Starfield. We hope you have fun finding them and wearing them around on your galactic adventures. While you are here, why not check out some of our other articles that might interest you? Like our guide to finding the Apollo Moon landing, or why not take a look at our guide on how to buy Crimson Fleet ships?

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