Starfield Rewards Players With an XP Boost From Sex

sarah morgan planet backdrop

sarah morgan planet backdrop

As an open-world game, Starfield deals with more than just world exploration and shipbuilding. While you may be fighting deadly enemies as you explore through its universe, there are opportunities for socializing with other players and non-playable characters.

When we say socializing, we mean more than just talking. Just like in real life, your characters can build romantic relationships with NPCs. Of course, this also includes what lovers do - make love. In Starfield, you are rewarded for having a sexy time with its characters.

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Credit: Reddit

A Reddit user discovered that sleeping with your companion gives you the “Emotional Security” buff. This allows you to gain 15% more experience points from your activities in the next 24 minutes. This has higher rewards than the “Well-Rested” condition that you get when you send your character to sleep all by itself.

However, according to Eurogamer, you’d need to work at attaining a committed relationship with one of the four romance options in Starfield. These are Andreja, Barrett, Sarah, and Sam Coe. You have to go through a lengthy courtship process before these NPCs can be convinced to commit to a relationship with you, just like in real life.

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Credit: Bethesda

Similarly, you’re also expected to commit to the relationship once it has begun. You cannot commit polygamy; however, you can also choose to end the commitment.

While there are cities and worlds that are densely populated, you may also find that there are numerous planets that are sparse or barren.

Addressing players’ concerns, Starfield Director Todd Howard and Managing Director Ashley Cheng explained that some planets were made intentionally empty so they could appreciate the scale of space and the game.

Howard even said that these empty planets were designed for realism and for players to feel lonely and drive them to explore more. While you are here, check out our recommendations for starting builds, and swing by our best weapons guide to get yourself an advantage while taking on the galaxy's mystery.

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