Starfield - How to Get XP Quick and Level up Fast

starfield starship in space

starfield starship in space

You can earn XP through various actions in Starfield. However, progression can often feel slow, so if you’re wondering how to turbocharge your character, here is how to get XP quickly in Starfield and level up fast.

XP is essential to level up your character; quickly grinding XP can give you access to all the skills to make the game more fun. Since grinding is one reason some players hate Starfield, you can make this much easier on yourself with our quick XP farm guide.

Uses for XP in Starfield

You need XP to gain skill points and level up your character. There are 82 skills in the game, spread across five skill trees. Each skill has four ranks, which can be unlocked to increase their effectiveness.

starfield skill level up menu
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Starfield Quick XP Farm Guide

While most of your XP will come from completing missions in Starfield, here are some of the best methods to increase your XP quickly.

Sleeping XP Buff

Going to sleep is one of the best methods to boost your XP gains in Starfield. Taking a nap not only heals you fully but also grants you a well-rested bonus. With this bonus, you get a 10% XP boost for 24 in-game minutes, making levelling up a walk in the park.

starfield sleeping option
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XP Boosting Items

There are specific consumables you can eat in Starfield that boost your XP. Some of these items are mentioned below.

  • Shepherd's Pie grants a 2% XP boost for 60 minutes.
  • The Strip grants a 2% XP boost for 30 minutes.
  • Alien Tea grants a 2% XP boost for 15 minutes.
  • Tranquilitea grants a 2% XP boost for 15 minutes.

You can stack these individual item buffs with a well-rested bonus to get 18% extra XP each time you turn in a major quest.

Romance and Marriage

If you think the 10% XP boost from having a nap isn’t enough, you can sleep with your Starfield spouse for a 15% XP bonus. Yes, if you do a romance quest for one of your companions and get married to them, you can gain a hefty 15% increase in your XP gain for 24 minutes with the Emotional Security effect.

Check out our romance guides for the following companions:

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Explore Different Planets and Moons

Starfield has an array of planets and moons you can visit; discovering a new world automatically grants you some XP. So, take a break from the storyline and explore different systems to stack up on some exploration XP.

Learn how to survey planets to get a bunch of credits quickly.

starfield landing on a new planet
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Ship Simulator XP

When you start your adventure in Starfield, you can access the ship simulator in the UC Vanguard base in New Atlantis to test your piloting skills. Although it is a main story objective you only have to complete once, you can access this training simulator as many times as you want for XP.

starfield ship simulator mode
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So, each time you run through the ship combat simulator, you'll strengthen your piloting and dogfighting and gain XP to level up your skills. Just make sure you consume some XP-boosting items and get a nap in first for a juicy XP bonus.

That concludes our quick XP guide for Starfield and gives you some best practices to stack up loads of XP quickly. Level up quickly and get all the skills you need. Try out New Game Plus and level up all the powers as well.

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