Starfield Walkthrough - Freestar Rangers Questline: Deputized

starfield deputized quest swarming sunflower enemies

starfield deputized quest swarming sunflower enemies

Once you've completed the Job Gone Wrong, you can proceed ahead with the Freestar Rangers questline and become an official part of these space cowboys. Here's a walkthrough for the Starfield Freestar Rangers Quest: Deputized and the rewards you get from this.

Starfield Deputized Walkthrough

Head to the Rock

You have to start by heading into the Freestar Rangers' base of operations. This is The Rock, the tall and imposing building you see in the middle when you enter Akila City.

starfield deputized the rock
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Talk to Emma Wilcox

Head up the stairs and talk to Emma Wilcox. Tell her that Marshall Blake sent you and you'd like to enlist with the Freestar Rangers. She'll ask you to prove your mettle and tackle one of the Freestar Rangers Mission Board quests.

starfield deputized talk to emma wilcox
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Pick a Quest from the Mission Board

You can pick any of the four available mission board quests in the mission board terminal across the bar. Pick any of these and go to the respective planet to complete them. They all involve combat with enemies such as the Crimson Fleet, Spacers, or Ecliptic Mercenaries.

starfield deputized mission board quests
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Return to Emma Wilcox

Report your success to Emma Wilcox. She'll be impressed with your performance and take you upstairs to Marshall Daniel Blake with her seal of approval.

starfield deputized daniel blake office
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Speak to Marshall Daniel Blake

Marshall Daniel Blake will ask you some basic questions. You need to swear the oath to become an official Freestar Ranger. You'll be rewarded with the Freestar Deputy badge and a hat. Your first official task will be given to you here, and you'll have to head to Montara Luna to investigate a disturbance.

Head to Montara Luna

Fast travel to the moon of the planet Montara within the Cheyenne Star System. You can land on the Waggoner's farm here.

starfield deputized montara luna
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Speak to Mikaela Waggoner

Speak to the owner of the farm, Mikaela Waggoner, who will tell you that some ruffians forcefully tried to purchase the farm from her. They threatened her and retreated to the local canyons.

starfield deputized mikaela dialogue
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Follow the Tracks

You'll have to follow the tracks left behind by the Ruffians. You'll follow footprints left in the mud with quest markers leading you to each one. However, be careful as the path is full of dangerous creatures, and mines are also laid in your path.

starfield deputized footprint boot tracks
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Speak to the Ruffian Leader

Once you've tracked down the Ruffians, you'll have to speak to their leader. This conversation will quickly escalate, forcing you into a gunfight with the group.

starfield deputized ruffian leader dialogue
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Kill the Ruffians

Be prepared for a gunfight with these Ruffians. Their leader will be around level 12, but if you have the best early weapons and spacesuits equipped, you can make short work of them.

Search for Clues

After you've killed off all the Ruffians, you need to look around for clues and loot. Make sure to pick up the Skill Mag lying on the table nearby. You're looking for the "Job's Done" slate on the corpse of the Ruffian Leader. Listen to it to learn what they were doing.

starfield deputized emma wilcox slate
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Talk to Emma Wilcox

You'll learn that they stole a ship from Hopetech in Hopetown with the help of an inside mole. Report this to Emma Wilcox.

Report back to Mikaela Waggoner

You can fast-travel back to the Waggoner farm and update her. She'll be thankful for your assistance. You can ask for a few extra Credits, but this isn't behavior fitting a Freestar Ranger. This will conclude the Deputized quest.

starfield deputized report back to mikaela
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Deputized Quest Rewards

You get the following rewards for the Deputized quest:

  • 250 XP
  • 6800 Credits
  • Freestar Deputy Badge
  • Unlocks Where Hope is Born Quest

That concludes our walkthrough for the Starfield Freestar Rangers Deputized quest. Next is the Hope is Born quest, where you'll investigate Hopetech industries.

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